Preventing Climate Breakdown — the 4°, 5° or 6° of warming now accepted by governments, the World Bank, the International Energy Agency and Price Waterhouse Cooper is incredible because they are still passing laws and acting as if it won’t happen. We might be able to stop it if they change their policies. They should be confronting the coal, gas & oil industry; stopping it from extracting four fifths of its traditional reserves because if we burn it, it will kill us. It means cancelling the prospecting & development of new reserves — what’s the point if we cannot use current stocks?


The first thing we have to do is stop drilling in the Arctic.

♫ “I’m nightmaring of a black Christmas” ♫

Drilling in the Arctic:—

  • Machinery is vulnerable to cold.
  • Oil is more viscous & harder to pump or collect.
  • Lack of ports, ships & infrastructure in the area cause slow response to accidents. And ships would have to break through the ice.
  • Oil spilling from the sea bed doesn’t form a slick but gets trapped under the ice. There is no technology to remove it. When the ice melts in the Spring the oil is transported to eventually the whole ocean.
  • At the moment the Arctic is unpolluted for fish.

An Arctic spill would cause climate breakdown & all our values will break down as the world becomes too hot to live in. Good night, Father Christmas.


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