16/11 /2016

Dearest Leonard,

Lots and lots of love. I’m thinking of you every day but I haven’t written for two reasons 1) I’m worried that when they read the letter I send, that I might say something wrong and it might influence the hopeful outcome we’re all waiting for with baited breath. The other reason, I’ve been really busy trying to save the planet, you know all about this, but this is the latest thing.

It’s a formula, and it came about because of me clarifying things all the time. So, I’m going
to send as it is – how I put it up on the internet. It starts with the problem, 1 million etc..
identifies the enemy Rot$ and ends with the solution: Change to Green Energy (the
company is Ecotricity) – The man who does it, Dale Vince is great, a hippy living on a hill in a
caravan, built himself a wind turbine, puts all the profits back into building the supply. It just
took me ages before the penny dropped, but it’s obvious, if the enemy is Rot$, then the
solution is green energy. Our target is half the country. The rest of the world will follow.

‘Switch’ will do two things, 1) Be better for the environment 2) Undermine the completely
rotten financial system.

It will have an effect worldwide, and be the first step in getting a green economy and a free
world. I have also founded a movement Intellectuals Unite – loU – It’s called loU instead of
just IU because it means I owe you a life. Get a life right now and for future life on earth. I’ve
started in the Universities, we hope it will become as big as the hippy movement. It’s about
understanding the past – through art galleries, reading etc – because we live in a world
without culture – we have consumerism instead. And it’s about trying to change the world,
first step campaign for Green Energy. Pamela Anderson is over here with me in London and
we’ve both been campaigning for justice for Julian Assange, Wikileaks another of my

We tried twice to visit you , and each time it didn’t work out but let’s hope we don’t need to
apply again – let’s wait – and see you then! I’ve been talking to Lorna, and the most
important thing I want to tell you is: Listen to her.

To Leonard, my hero in his fight for justice.



P.S. The diaries I’ve been sending you have now been published in a book and I want to
send them to you – How do I do that?





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