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The world of Burley Dink – a world of reflection, perspective and innovation; a world where people long for understanding and acuity; long for a life with actual human value instead of material payoff.

A place of freedom recaptured, nature and wildlife, family and community, adventure and fun, looking at what unites us instead of blaming all but ourselves for what is wrong; an understanding of the past and a vision of the future; fruitful, meaningful public discourse and opposition, resulting in solutions instead of endless protest, antagonism and hatred.

Where has this all gone Burley asks? Where have the heroes gone? Why are we all agitated and outraged for a couple of days after some vote somewhere and quickly continue to live your lives administered by the absence of real politics? Is it because of modern democracy offering the best conditions to sit idle and feel just fine; revision replacing revolution – how so very realistic are we all! Do not destroy this through your passions, wry smiles and dreams of ventures; your inquisitive mind, your passion for morale.

Burley Dink – enthusiast, realist, creative thinker; he asked questions and found answers, that is where it all begins; he made things happen because his dreams where rooted in reality, turned ideas into form, into physical existence, directly influencing the experiences and actions of others.

We have to learn from the likes of Burley Dink to solve the problems of today’s world; we need progression and conviction to come to terms with despair and happiness, creation, solitude and friendship; destruction, war and politics. Burley got through to people because he grasped their imagination; he did so because he truly understood the very basic yet sophisticated principles of life.

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