To make IoU work and build we need to have an intellectual foundation. Vivienne Westwood will give a lecture quarterly on literature and culture at a physical venue –The first talk (livestreamed) will centre around Arrow of God by Chinua Achebe. Each college will be responsible for allocating X tickets. Each college will have attached to it a friend from outside who will also require X amount of tickets for her affiliation of friends.

Allocating tickets for these events is useful in bringing IoU together; this will identify and bind the groups; they will develop the intellectual focus and create strategy to preserve our world.

We say:

The global economic system is the cause of poverty, war and climate change. Therefore, we need to transfer to a Green Economy but how? People ask, what can I do? In all her time as an activist, Vivienne has never had a satisfactory answer to give: Inform yourself, talk to your friends, support the NGO’s, save a plastic bag; every one of your decisions count. This is the answer, but doesn’t go very far to solving the total problem which is overwhelming. Now we realise the answer: switch to green energy supply.
Worldwide there is massive movement towards the green economy but the importance of Switch is the dynamic focus it will bring.

1 – gives people power
2 – is easy to do – just dial or click
3 – will have immediate beneficial impact
4 – will kick start and drive the machinery of the world wide movement in its
various operations towards a green economy

Our target is half the UK within 5 years, hopefully three.

Switch, leading to the Green Economy is the underlying solution to all our problems. As well as the short term effects of energy prices coming down, we will have long term effects e.g. clearing air pollution in London; reducing the energy budget will help maintain the NHS, and when we achieve the Green Economy the NHS will be forever safe; the Green Economy will stop the need to migrate.

At the next IoU general meeting, we will begin by dealing with student groups and their affiliates, each one at a time should report who they are and if possible what are their first targets and how they will begin to carry out Switch. Climate Revolution’s first target is fashion.


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