A letter to Dr Sian Davies-Vollum who invited Vivienne to accept a newly established Chair in Climate Change at the University of Derby.

Dear Sian,

I want you to know where I’m coming from which is the urgency to communicate the danger we’re in and for people to do something about it. The best thing I’ve ever done is this map based on Nasa. (map attached) It’s public information, but the public don’t see it.

I’ve analysed that the Rotten Financial System is the cause of our problems and our enemy, therefore a green economy will be the solution to our problems.

Green Economy = community and culture (leading to peace), equal opportunity and biodiversity (stability). The first step to a Green economy is to Switch to Green Energy Supply.

We started IoU for two reasons, to establish the importance of intellectuals, and also to build a solid base for activism. My programme for building the movement includes lectures based around the idea of the fit reader. IoU will link with other NGO’s and activists; knowledge will sustain the IoU movement.

The point is I am desperate to prevent mass extinction of life on earth, and time’s run out.

I’m trying to build people power to stop mass extinction. Your chair is outside my focus, we can concentrate on London because physically that’s where we are. It’s great if you can be part of IoU and follow us through the social media and sometimes hopefully you can travel to events.

Love Vivienne

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