Concerning: Lauri Love facing extradition to US. He’s expecting to be charged with 3 separate counts of hacking and if convicted, a lifetime of 90 years in jail.

Fact: 1
US extradition warrants to UK – 90% granted. No evidence needed.
UK extradition warrants to US – 20% granted. Evidence needed.

Fact: 2
The statistics for the guilty verdict in American courts is 97%. People have a choice of pleading guilty for a lesser jail sentence; if they try to defend their innocence, the number of years would be a lot longer.

CR opinion: Justice can only be achieved with public support and unfortunately, half the people in the world are conservative and conservatives hate anyone who fights the establishment. Twenty years ago as a punk, minding my own business, spiky hair, chains.. I was an object of disgust, a man shouted ‘punk’ in my face and spat at me.

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