Vivienne is giving a talk at the Royal Festival Hall on the 24th September at 7:30pm. She will be discussing her favourite books, the importance of culture and her activism.

“Aristotle said: the acorn is happy to become an oak. He was obsessed by the fact that form is always becoming something else, and he defines happiness as fulfilling your potential, like the acorn – become who you are.

Your character is your bag of tools, use it to discover the world! You will always behave ‘in character’, and the secret is that by following your deep interests you will forget yourself and Get a Life. You get out what you put in.

Reading Matters, it’s the most concentrated form of experience we have – Empathy: you put yourself in somebody else’s shoes, each story is an individual’s vision of the world. You become that person as you read, get another person’s life as you go along, gain perspective on the world; you need your human roots: understand the past to understand the present and by comparison make good decisions for a better world.

I shall be discussing books and their impact on the world and the course of events. It would be helpful to those attending if you read ‘Arrow of God’ by Chinua Achebe. Get A Life also means what are we doing about the future? I shall sum up where I am re: activism and make suggestions.”

Vivienne Westwood


In 2014, the iconic fashion designer and activist spoke at our Women of the World festival, joining the then Liberty director Shami Chakrabati on stage

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