We have to work through government by putting pressure on them, in the UK Talk Fracking have exposed government lies in the Mobbs report. All our politicians have received copies and it’s certainly influenced the statements. The House of Lords have stated their position as being that government plans should be halted until this report has been fully discussed. The Nana’s and the fracking camps have changed public support for fracking to a majority against fracking, now 81%. Theresa May in her recent manifesto dropped for the time at least, any mention of fracking. Because of the last election and the success of Corbyn, she has to be more people friendly. CR says Corbyn won the future because the young people voted for him and can think of no other country that has such a strong opposition as we do in England. What are the chances of Labour getting in next time? Don’t underestimate the power of the media to always get the same people in – the 1% cabal.
Now that Corbyn is feeling strong, he has the chance to be clear about his policies – remember when he gave a free vote on Trident to the Blairite opposition, he doesn’t have to do that now. He should be clear about Brexit for e.g if he thinks we’re better in Europe, but it’s too late to go back on the democratic vote, then he should say so. And we’re still not clear what he thinks about fracking. The whole world is rushing towards a green economy but we can’t let businessmen own the sun otherwise we’re back in the shit. The more green, the more popular Corbyn will become – a green economy must be a fairer economy and a fair distribution of real wealth. That’s it Jeremy, do it! First step: Switch to Green Energy Supplier.

Naomi Klein and Jeremy Corbyn Discuss How to Get the World We Want

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