Jeremy Corbyn sticks to his principles but he needs to be more clear with regard to the present death toll in Venuzuela. He should first of all put the situation into perspective: the political game is that America and the global cabal wants to weaken the economy of Iran and Russia. Their friends the Saudi’s agree to lower the price. Venezuela is tragically affected because they have no other export.
Of course, this lowers the price of fracked fossil fuel which is massively undersold. We don’t know whether it’s sold as cheaply yet as oil extracted from the Alberta tar sands which is sold at 2% of its real cost of to take it from the ground.

One way or another, the cabal is destroying Venezuela: I expect Madura had the choice of just handing control over to the reactionary forces that support America or being draconian to the point where 90 people have died due to protest. Corbyn should have explained this but then he should also have condemned the deaths.

In our campaign SWITCH we’ve discovered that green energy is cheaper than energy from fossil fuel. It’s difficult to see this from the evidence on a daily basis – it’s the same tactic, the fossil fuel industries can afford to play around with their prices because they’re subsidised by the tax payer: The taxpayer pays for things twice.

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