I spoke to Vogue yesterday, not only about fashion and the exhibition that Juergen’s doing in New York, but also about Trump –

“Had you come to NYC (and been so close to Trump Tower) I’m sure you would’ve had an intense reaction… What’s your take on our current situation? Are you hopeful/despondent? How do you cope with the situation?

I know that Trump is the devil, but that doesn’t mean to say Obama’s a saint. The point is: you won’t change the president until you change the financial system. It’s a war economy – wars are fought for power of course: land, raw materials, cheap labour. It’s a system deigned to create poverty, climate change and incredible waste so that any profit is syphoned off by the 1%. The answer is a Green Economy which is based on the fact that what nature gives us free, should not be privately owned – this means land, sky, and underground. This is my campaign as an activist.”

This is the additional reply I sent them in case they want to use it. I asked my friend Paul Tucker to draw a picture:



Trump has shown us the face of America – 71% of Republicans are happy with him. I imagine that most of the rest of America approves of Obama. Obama did manage to do some good things, but the wars and their ramifications, and the death toll worldwide during his term is outstanding. Trump is proud of his devilry and Obama hides behind his halo. The Rotten Financial System is the enemy; the system is now global and it’s killing us.



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