Thank u Dazed for yr. tribute to me as an activist + fashion designer. U have given me a memento of myself. & u have introduced me + yr. readers to other activists, young people taking part in the race to save the planet + all life.

I am happy with my interview + the questions from these same young people because the answers I give R useful – and I’m taking a day off to read about them. Thank u, Dazed for the opportunity.

I would like to add a fact of the utmost significance: politicians R not listening to science:
1.) scientists tell us we face mass extinction if we don’t stop climate change (C.C).
2.) we can stop C.C. at small cost if we introduce re-wilding projects now: there is massive scientific information yet every political discussion is futile because science is ignored + excluded. (Politicians support Rot$ which is the cause of C.C. This is why they R blind.) Researchers from Oxford R optimistic: they have all the research, their task now is to get politicians to listen. We can save o’selves, we need to talk about it.



This is my new logo, I include 1 which stands for the 1 World Economy.

On the cover I am dealing with some string which happens to be the string of a kite! Set designer, Andy Hillman offered me the kite + said, u can write on it whatever you like.

I am wearing a badge: one reason politicians R criminals is they practise misrule of law (Vivienne Playing Cards – 8 of Spades). They trap their victim, then move the goal posts of justice every time the victim claims innocence.

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