The United Nations define Julian as a political prisoner who should be released immediately with compensation. How can the British people maintain a degree of patriotism and belief in democracy when our government has abandoned rule of law and imposed misrule.

Julian Assange – Wikileaks – published American war crimes which Whistleblower Chelsea Manning gave to him. At this point misrule of law by government began for him. The American government claims it’s a crime to publish war crimes against America and they set up a court back then which is still working on how to convict him, once they have him, once he is extradited.
Britain and Sweden conspired to trap him by means of misrule of law by government, constantly moving the goalposts and eventually denying his human right to asylum by Ecuador.

All other anti-Wikileaks spin or personal spin against Julian is just a confusion, the only issue they can use is that it’s a crime to publish war crimes against America.

It is vital that Ecuador continues to protect him and that the UK government drops their manufactured petty charges regarding bail, and abandons their plan to extradite him.
Finally, America must accept that it is not a crime against America to publish American war crimes.

Wikileaks has the power to publish govt. crimes and corruption and is therefore dangerous to all govts. But pro people and pro free speech.


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  1. The most effective way to trap someone politically is to accuse them of sex.
  2. Julian waited 5 weeks in Sweden for questioning then was told he was free to go.
  3. Misrule of law was set in motion by governments. Julian was available for questioning, but they rejected it and issued a warrant for his arrest for questioning just two days before Clinton Cablegate. Why?
  4. UK Crown Prosecution Service could have facilitated the questioning, but told the Swedes not to come – Why? They emailed: “Trust us, we’re not treating this like any other case.”
  5. Julian seeks political asylum at Ecuadorian embassy. Why do you think he is still in there? Because this has always been about America.
  6. Asylum should take precedent over bail. Julian is a test-case without precedent.
  7. Julian is happy to face justice, but not at the expense of American injustice. He would step out now if had reassurance that Britain would not extradite him.
  8. The judge who recently rejected Julian’s request to drop bail charges: her husband was listed in CableGate and is part of UK’s military-industrial complex.
  9. 24/7 surveillance, £13million paid for by taxpayers, no sunlight. The maximum fine they could give Julian re: bail problem is £5,000, but he and his friends gave them £250,000. He’s owed a lot of change. NB. Vivienne would give British govt. £5,000 if it would do the trick.
  10. The UN says Julian is a political prisoner and he should be released immediately with compensation. Britain said – We don’t care! The people at the UN weren’t the right lawyers!



Misrule of law by British Government: Julian Assange







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  1. Keep fighting, Vivienne. You are an inspiration. I only hope that those people in positions of power will take notice before it’s too late.
    I hope you will have a look at the talk I gave a few years ago about the poet Shelley, called ‘Was he a punk or what?’ There are 4 parts and then a Q&A afterwards. I’m sending you all my support and best wishes. Christy x

    Comment by Christy Fearn on 21/09/2018 at 4:12 pm

  2. Dearest Vivienne. I hope you are well. I am so happy you received your book, the poem I left the marker on the page is so important. Your manifesto is all coming true and I have so much to tell you. I would love to come and see you and tell you everything. For peace, a better world, human rights, art and music and inspirations for you to change the world. Love always, Christopher

    Comment by Christopher David Griffiths on 15/04/2019 at 5:12 pm