Everything’s connected

Boris is the only Tory with a personality, it’s a rotten personality. People love Boris for opening his mouth and putting his foot in it, he’s got away with this all his life. He’s so irresponsible and self-serving it’s corrupt. He’s very bright. So what we’ve got now is that the Press are going to treat him seriously as the representative of our democracy. They’re going to bolster him just as the American press bolster Trump by accepting it. This is the scum we’re left with.
We have to form an honest opposition and I’ve got an idea of how to do it and I’m working on it.

Boris is now the establishment, the media always support the establishment even when it’s antipeople and the laws are framed to protect govts. This playing card says politicians are dickheads and bruisers, I chose that message according to the way they have abused Julian Assange. Boris is for Boris, not for freedom.


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