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Evening walk on Clapham Common, no people, sometimes one ambulance or more. On Thursday we took our pan lids to bang there. slant arrow You can be happy in lockdown.

Aristotle defines happiness as fulfilling your potential, think of lockdown as a test of your resources. Take the opportunity 2 self-educate. & reading is the most concentrated form of experience poss 2 have because U put yrself in somebody else’s shoes – Get a Life! U learn: a book has a beginning, a middle + an end, + U compare that life with yr own + the world U live in.

My son Ben is teaching 4 year old Bamboo to read. I gave him the books I had when I was a teacher. Make flashcards + teach phonetics but also by ‘look + say’. My German friend Iris’ boys’ have an hour lesson every day on their computer from their schoolteacher. slant arrow Forget all stuff U don’t need 2 buy.

Technology has now become slavery: it’s also waste ‘built-in obsolescence.’ – & War. ­Power comes from ownership of land, wars R fought for land, raw materials + cheap labour. If we can achieve  it will be first time in history of Civilisation we have fair distribution of wealth = equality + control over own life – & therefore spiral ­- true Democracy. But remember: self-isolate = living in a box – protected from corona. Outside is surreal spiral waiting 2 kill U.

With or without Corona politicians R driving capitalism slant arrow to end spiralslant arrow Press is dying 4 us 2 get back 2 work. (The shutdown has reduced activity by 1/3) but ‘if minister’s relax rules too early they risk unleashing 2nd devastating wave of infections. Chances R we’ll all end up with cycle of locking + unlocking – “rinse, wash + repeat”, as one expert described it.’ slant arrow No financial hint anywhere that  we have real choice between No Mans Land  or capitalism, capitalism leads to Mass Extinction. slant arrow Impressive photos of empty cities: Milan Cathedral, Andrea Bocelli singing solo in the square.

If we continue under capitalism, this is the big picture of the future. Goodbye Andrea! slant arrow The task is 2 get thru’ 2 these journalists + financial maniacs. They can influence the Dickheads 2 do what we want.

Clapham Common

Clapham Common @ndreaskronthaler

Every year on my birthday, I always give a donation to Brooke a donkey charity ‘helping poor people not to overwork their donkey’s to death.’ Petra the CEO writes: ‘we have had some terrific news from our team in Kenya the govt. has decided to ban the trade in donkey skins and close the slaughterhouse across the country.’ Well Petra, I understand why, but it would be nice for the skins of donkeys who die a natural death to be used 4 leather. I would like to give my skin when I die. I don’t like cremation + it’s bad for the environment.

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