7bn people don’t know because they’re not connecting the dots.

I was talking 2 my brother Gordon:

Four the last 10 yrs the Faceless Evil FACELESS-EVIL has been printing $ on a massive scale.

Federal banks create more debt by reducing interest rates. Because they’re so low, big business monopolies borrow $, use it 2 buy back their own shares / share price horizontal-harpoon up.  Share price (seen as) high value = company (seen as) a high value healthy company. The shares R allowed to stay dormant and because they are not invested in the company + the wages R far too high, this just leaves them with an empty box. Their assets R not assets, R debt. In reality there is no value, the value is that in the future the shares will assume value slant arrow ha ha! Trump (a businessman 6 X bankrupt) wants them to go lower, he wants them to go minus (deflation).

Roger Cohen in The New York Times, “This is the Age of Undoing – of world order, of international law, of truth, of America’s word. It is a dangerous time.” America held the world together, the implication is that Capitalism held the world together, + Capitalism is breaking down.

The Brookings Institution, “End of world order. America’s reputation as a dysfunctional power + China’s growing coercive power contribute to that. The virus exacerbates tensions.”

“Autocracy feeds on fear, misery, resentment + lies, it did in the 1930’s; it does now.” China is an autocracy, central banks FACELESS-EVIL are the autocracy of the West. This analysis is now broached ev. where in the corporate media but there is never mention of changing 2 a true economy based on the wealth of land. No Man’s Land new-monstrance. It’s what they don’t say that counts. Result = no alternative 2 capitalism.

This diary is a back-up to the Friday speech.


Boris’s act: don’t take me seriously. I’m a fuck up. Let’s all fuck up. slant arrow Fuck the System! slant arrow Create hell with Capitalism! This is what we voted for. A conman takes only 5 minutes to gain your trust, if U don’t fall for him, he’s not interested. At this point of the game, Boris got in because we don’t have an opposition – there was nobody else, and Corbyn never got off the fence. There is no opposition 2 capitalism worldwide.

We don’t have democracy; politics + finance are fused + that fusion is capitalism: antipeople.


The conspiracy between the corporate media + the govt in withholding information + spreading untruth is incredible; The trick is in what U don’t say. I rely on the social media for change because it’s more direct + easier to separate and distinguish truth from lies, easier 2 de-confuse. U get more truth on the social media as witnessed in the tragic video of George Floyd.

Los Angeles store

Fuck Capitalism: I agree.

We’ve got 2 stop Cra$h 2028 + we’ve got 2 start connecting the dots. Capitalism is a blinder of a dot.


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  1. Found this v thought provoking.. Fuck capitalism: I agree too. We must do what we can. Do I believe we can win? No. Not a chance in hell. People don’t want to change. As long as we can mortgage our lives away & can have TV in every room, a house in the suburbs and two cars in the driveway people don’t care about the world, not really. Not in any meaningful kind of way that is- to actually do something about it and take a meaningful stand against it. They like having something to debate with the other idiots over the coffee machine at work or down at the pub, the young ones like to go to protests and feel involved but even then with that youthful idealism, they don’t really give a fuck. No one does. You wrote in your manifesto ‘man the self destroying animal’ and this sums it up. It’s not the system that is at fault, the system is fucked yes but it is put their and maintained by people that do not care- by mass complacency. Nothing meaningful will be done to resolve any of this until it is too late- public opinion will not save us because the public are stupid. Only when civilisation is crashing down around our ears will the public dare to act and by then it will be too late.
    You call Boris a fuckup and a conman, I don’t like him neither. I don’t like any of these politicians but fact is, while you’re levelling all of these insults at them, calling them fuck ups and conmen- they’re the only people out there willing to do these jobs. And they’re people, they are human beings so of course they will not be perfect, they’re not gods. They’re just as flawed and imperfect and stupid as the rest of us. They’re not separate from us. They have more, they play the game of capitalism better, but we’re all playing it. Your company is worth millions, you also are a winner. But they’re no more corrupt than you or me or any of us. Society is corrupt. People are corrupt.
    Fuck people

    Comment by Anonymous on 02/06/2020 at 7:26 pm

  2. Thank you for your contribution and giving me the chance to explain No Man’s Land which I’m going to include in my manifesto.
    No Man’s Land is the answer. It imposes a true economy based on the wealth of land. The structure also determines that the land* must be managed efficiently according to “what’s good for the planet is good for the economy”. It is also democratic because it imposes a fair distribution of wealth which gives power to the people and the responsibility to control politics.
    Love Vivienne

    Comment by CR on 06/06/2020 at 11:36 am

  3. It would be better for every living organism on this planet of humankind were to go extinct. So I say- let it happen!

    Comment by Anonymous on 02/06/2020 at 7:42 pm

  4. If Capitalism is so bad maybe you should close all of the Westwood shops immediately!

    Comment by Jeffrey Jordan on 03/06/2020 at 8:54 pm