I joined the online forum, I have hope.


I have the problem + the solution to save spiral, activism is a full-time job it’s hard. I am trying 2 introduce an economy which has been completely swept under the carpet of corruption that covers the whole planet. The problem = Rot$ slant arrow Solution = one-world-rent which begins + ends with No Man’s Land new-monstrance. I am trying to work with lockdown as an opportunity to establish my plan.

Figures 4 Covid still high worldwide, success stories: Senegal, Ghana, Vietnam, Greece, New Zealand. Why? Early lockdown, track + trace, testing. None of which the UK govt. delivered – to date, there is still no operational track + trace system or nationwide testing.

We won’t open our shops in London this week, it’s too soon – we will review it according to the figures. I’m disappointed that some of our staff wanted to jump the gun + get back too soon because it means to me that they weren’t taking advantage of lockdown to self-educate off-the-treadmill, of the work ethic for a moment even though selling clothes is a v creative job. Follow the website, understand who U work 4. The 4 Jokers of the playing cards, have you read them? My opinions are heretical: against spiral dogma. For that reason, you need to read them very carefully to absorb the originality of opinion – they are an overview of the state of  spiral according to the big picture.

The Joker of JOKER-DIAMONDSDiamonds is for money, JOKER-CLUBS Clubs are for war, JOKER-SPADES Spades are for the earth, JOKER-HEARTS Hearts are the human race – who we really are. slant arrow I am at a point now that I can print the playing cards as a tool 4 NGO’s to work tog. 2 establish new-monstrance. I just need to bring the manifesto up to date so that it can be a leaflet that can go into the box.

I have hope because I’ve just heard about Heather McGhee (Political Strategist, Democrat) . Capitalism is the cause of all our problems + I believe she has got a holistic view of how to save spiral, she sees that everything is connected – capitalism, racism, the environment. I want to talk to her about new-monstrance.

I’m now going to join the forum online + answer your questions:

1.) Thank U so much, Judy 4 yr deep concern, but careful. I embrace entirely what ‘Anonymous’ says. “As long as we can mortgage our lives away” – that’s a brilliant way of expressing what people are like: we love debt / capitalism. James Lovelock says that people are 2 stupid to save o’selves + we will have only 1 bn people left by end of the century. That’s why we have to impose a fair economy slant arrowenabled 2 act in our own self-interest new-monstrance Also, re: Boris, he was born into a well-off family. He’s been playing the clown all his life + his family let him get away with it. As U say, ego breeds hatred + the need for power. Like the devil, Boris is a self-deceiver, think U R better than U R, need somebody 2 hate. Hitler hated the Jews to the point of wanting to exterminate the whole human race. Read the chapter on Hitler in Morning of the Magicians. The issue with Boris is that he is not honest. I think U can become a thief because U do not accept injustice + yet stay honest 2 yrself + others because U do not hate all men.

4.) Punk: anarchy in the UK, U 2 can be a punk, ‘c’mon Queen wear a safety pin!’ DIY. Urban guerrilla, ‘Spit! Pogo!’ We wore a swastika because  the same Devils who caused the Vietnam war were still in power. “U R the fascists. We don’t accept yr hypocrisy + yr taboos slant arrow it’s all the same.” Hippies stopped when the Vietnam war stopped. Punk stopped because  it did not have a specific target. We want anarchy, we want change! – It’s too vague. slant arrow I now have a Specific Plan. It has 2 be in place this yr or U R 2 late. Time flies! Self-educate arrow  join IoU, they have a book club. slant arrow Keep posted here, U R engaged with spiral = freedom fighter.

7.) Since Hippy times it’s just been talk + no action – & whilst they were going the Sex Pistols really meant it.

8.) I’ll get back 2 U on this but not now. Be specific. I think it must focus on the playing cards, starting with human rights + Julian Assange: save Julian would be the most direct way 2 attack govt. corruption + press corruption. Free Julian could be the trojan horse that makes a concrete whole in the wall of corruption then govts would listen to people. Corruption, political, economic + legal. Everything’s connected.

14.) The answer is Be Specific. XR’s demands R too vague – maybe the idea of a people’s assembly could happen.

15.) Thank you, Charlotte. slant arrow 2 things. If U R on lockdown or a student, self-educate. ‘U get out what U put in’. Be Specific. Keep social distance. Read, talk to people, join the IoU book club. Cook yr own food, try to avoid plastic. If U R working then try 2 do things yr way, according 2 yr own judgement, not just what everybody else thinks. Try 2 include attention 2 the environment + the 3 R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle. At all costs, follow the website! U R supporting me, U R a freedom fighter.

I want to thank all of you who support me through the website.

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  1. So beautiful to read Vivienne & I can’t wait to read the updated manifesto. Studied the original to death & know a lot of it by heart. Have you thought about selling it through your website? You gave the original one away for free but they go on eBay now for like £100 it’s crazy. But I’d buy it! Even better if the playing cards were all in there too. Partridges on the kings road do small print runs for a couple hundred quid (not that you’d have a problem getting anything published with a real publisher though I guess ha).
    Boris is something else. Did you hear that speech he gave on lockdown restrictions a few weeks ago? It was comedy gold. ‘Stay at home, but don’t. Use public transport, but don’t. Go to work, but don’t & only in phase five.’
    I like the thief analogy. I know you’re using it to talk bigger picture but it jumps out at me because I can be a bit of a clepto, I almost never walk out of boots without something in my pocket. Never really thought about it in terms of honesty or about what it means to be an honest person, I don’t think that I’m an honest person but I’d like to be. Something to strive for.
    Going to hunt for that book club. Also think it’s so brilliant that you aren’t opening your shops this week.

    Comment by Patrick on 16/06/2020 at 11:24 pm

  2. Also kind of unrelated but I was reading Marianne Faithfull’s autobiography ‘Faithfull’ and there’s a bit in it where she mentions bumping into you, how you went to see her at a flat she was staying in in the seventies and said something like ‘So this is how you hippies live.’ Made me chuckle, it’s a really good read though if you haven’t read it, loved the way that she tied so much philosophy from other places into her life story.

    Comment by Patrick on 16/06/2020 at 11:45 pm

  3. Why the FUCK are you promoting track and trace … for fuck sake Vivienne?

    Comment by NEIL WARD on 17/06/2020 at 6:50 pm