My job as an activist is to demolish the narrative. Misrule of law is now global; all governments use it for their own protection. The American Government charges Julian Assange because it is a crime to publish American war crimes. They have invented a sentence of 175 years in concrete. Public opinion is crucial in overcoming this situation.

Julian is currently in Belmarsh prison awaiting his 3 week trial, starting 7th September at the Old Bailey. My exhibition ‘True Punk’ is staged in my Conduit street shop before week before to raise awareness of the most important human rights case in history. The UN consider the destruction of someone’s reputation as torture, this is not only a crime against Julian, but it’s a loss for society. Julian is a noble freedom fighter and an aspiration. If Julian goes then responsible journalism goes with him.


The exhibition’s central work is a structural installation entitled, ‘WikiLeaks’:
Media Control
Julian Assange represented by a gorse bush in pain and in a stress position, his neck in a pillory. He’s covered in public abuse, protected by a cloak belonging to John Lilburne – 17th century founder of human rights – first pilloried then solitary – gagged for speaking the truth, released by Oliver Cromwell when he won the civil war.

Julian’s neck is represented by a champagne bottle, a motif which expresses victory after a battle – when the ‘hurly burly’s done, when the battle’s lost + won’.


Join the action:

Monday 7th September @9am

The Old Bailey EC4M 7EH

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