Today’s diary is a catch-up. So important that you follow me. What am I doing? I don’t have enough hours in the day to tell you. SLANT-ARROW The Manifesto is a plan 2 save spiral from final cra$h. We will change 2 a fair distribution of wealth. Target ARROW-RIGHT 5 yrs or it’s too late.

Regarding Gordon’s financial analysis. The financial spiral is in denial ARROW-RIGHT still believe ROT-APPLE works. They believe the problem is corruption of the banks. There isn’t time 2 fix it. The whole spiral is in denial except the scientists, Greta Thunberg & her young supporters & me, because none of them realise the emergency: we need urgent action. ROT-APPLE = war economy, run for investors, 98% waste.

Greta how the BBC lies. ‘Spitting Image’ : Greta ‘rocks up as doomy weather-woman’. SLANT-ARROW Turns her into a joke, turns climate change into a joke.
Just after 2008 cra$h, I had a conversation with an incorruptible ARROW-RIGHT ev.body wanted 2 talk 2 him ARROW-LEFT important financial Editor. In denial. I tried 2 tell him that the economic crisis & climate change cc R 2 snakes that eat each others tail. The one is the cause of the other. He said, if U can say how cc caused the subprime mortgage scandal then I’ll agree with U. He thought it was a question of bankers corruption. No, it’s the syndrome of waste & destruction & investors can profit from this. SLANT-ARROW So important to follow the diary. Gordon’s analysis is a basis 4 Climate Revolution 2 penetrate ROT-APPLE. It’s a tool 4 Climate Revolution team 2 approach the financial gurus & supporters.

I want 2 use the diaries & Friday speech in future 2 deal with the Manifesto. I am not going 2 put it out all in 1 go. I’m going 2 deal with it bit by bit. It’s so important to realise this is the only possibility, because I want U 2 absorb it fully so U know it’s our only chance. I will launch it at the right moment together with the playing cards.


This playing card: 7bn don’t know – they don’t know that Get A Life means 2 things: it means U get out what U put in. It also means we don’t have a future unless we act now.

Julian Assange is the most important human rights issue in spiral today & I believe if we free him, this is an attack on legal corruption & it will shine a light on economic & political corruption. So my personal campaigning will be unremitting. At present the Friday speech is a series of 9 reminders of torture since civilisation began (civilisation has been run on false economy until now.) We have 3 more 2 go & we need 2 ask the Queen 4 a reprieve of Julian’s torture under the auspice of the Crown Prosecution Service.

I want 2 thank our followers for their feedback.

Dominic Hourd: Thank you for the comment that the playing cards would be a great educational tool. They are already being used by IoU. What I would do, I would pick out at random & then ask my card-playing partner – how are they connected & then he would do one for me. That way U really educate yourself.

Anonymous – I love U. U are controversial, U write poems, U R so passionate. U believe that self-education makes U a freedom fighter – you’re right.

Jeffry Jordan – U send me a 1-liner nearly every day, I am so happy 2 know that you’re following me everyday – speech & diary. You’re sharing with friends, you’re American, we R sending the Manifesto 2 Pamela Anderson with the hope that she will share it with Jane Fonda & Joni Mitchell. Begin an activist campaign 4 No Mans Land.

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  1. Thanks for the mention in today’s diary Vivienne! I do follow your website every day, and it is always one of the first things I look at when I get online. I don’t always have time to write a long response, but I at least send a line to let you know that I have read your posts and listened to your speeches. I live in the US, and our country is a mess right now! Your speeches and the diary give me hope for the future. Thanks again for all that you do, and you always look fabulous!


    Comment by Jeffrey Jordan on 17/11/2020 at 9:09 pm

  2. Can’t wait to read the new Manifesto! I’ve been reading Ted Hughes biography with Jonathan Bate- Hughes was so passionate about the environment, the way that he mythologised the natural world through his poems is so incredible. I saw this line that you might like, “If you have infected the sky and if the earth has caught its disease off you, then you, Western man, disconnected from your mother earth, you are the virus.’ So many beautiful anecdotes, there was another one about a fishing trip Hughes went on with his son, ‘Ted had an epiphany on an island on the lake. The group of fishermen there lived in mud huts with nothing but their nets and canoes. They sold their fish and lived off maize and sweet tea and chapatis. Spending a fortnight with them, Ted felt free of every care. To what avail were furniture and a clean carpet, polished shoes, appointment diaries and worries about money? These ‘blacks’ laughed and lived. They were happy because they didn’t want anything.’
    Hope you’re well

    Comment by Patrick on 22/11/2020 at 3:37 am