Vivienne’s Diary – 15.09.20

A murderous system is being created before our very eyes

Interview with Nils Melzer, UN Special Rappateur on Torture, 2016. Available to the press but none of them ever mentioned it, they stuck to the scandal – shocking.

The woman’s testimony was later changed by the police, how exactly? (more…)

Janet Bliss

Furness Road School

Dear Vivienne, or should I say Miss Swire as that is the name I knew you by until Saturday. Continue reading


Dearest Julian – 11/10/2019


NOVACENE by James Lovelock


Letter to Julian


Letter from Vivienne

This is in reply to a lady who introduced herself as an apostle of Jesus who wanted me to help her spread the gospel.

Dear Dora Aggudey,

Continue reading


27 February 2017 – Vivienne’s Letters

A letter to Dr Sian Davies-Vollum who invited Vivienne to accept a newly established Chair in Climate Change at the University of Derby. Continue reading


2 February 2017 – Vivienne’s Letters

Dear Leonard,

This is an article by John Pilger, a brilliant journalist and friend of mine. He’s famous for exposing the evil of Pol Pott and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and his analysis of how America caused and orchestrated America’s war in Vietnam. Continue reading


18 January 2017 – Vivienne’s letters

Dear Vivienne,
How fantastic about Miss Manning. Could not believe the news last night when I got the alert. For once there was really great news that proves activism works. Continue reading

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