Peter Rabbit


“Eat less,” I said in answer to the remark that people are too poor to eat organic food. I was thinking of those people who say this to me because they know I eat organic – if only they had time to stop and check it out they would find as cheap as eating too much rubbish. If you eat less rubbish you give the body time to deal with it, instead of bombarding it with the next lot. A vegetable diet is easily digested.

The secret is to prepare your own food instead of relying on ready-made food.

But when it was broadcast on the radio “eat less” came out as a ridiculous blunder- as if I had said that people who were hungry or could only afford to eat hamburgers should eat less. (more…)

Drillers in the Mist

Drillers in the Mist – on NETFLIX

David Attenborough has called for UK company Soco International to … Continue reading

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