I don’t think that there has been so much demolition happening in London since the Blitz in 1940. Within 10 minutes of any trip I make now, anywhere in town, there is a new hole in the ground & a new development taking place.
The London I grew up in is becoming unrecognisable. A good example of this is the office where we work in Battersea. We have demolition happening on three sides of our office & the only reason we are not completely surrounded is because the fourth side has already been developed. Of particular regret is the demolition of one of the last pre-war industrial, river warehouses just across the road. This building complex had been a wonderful artistic & social venue. Many different creative companies had their offices there. There were art galleries, exhibition spaces, a distillery, table tennis tables were set up for free use, Street Kitchen were based there, serving quality food & next door to this was The Doodle Bar (now near Tower Bridge), which was a wonderful creative bar, available for all sorts of different events, one of which was my own wedding reception.
Now the site is going to be luxury flats, some retail space & some ‘affordable’ housing (not affordable if you are one of the many homeless). Another whole community has been destroyed in the favour of investors.

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