Vivienne’s Radical Philosophy will seem at first to comprise random articles, but they will start to link in the form of a collage to explain my thinking and activity as I go along.

Playing cards: blueprint for an art exhibition


Just as the rewilding of Earth needs scientific structure so do the designers in VW, need supporting structure. We R beginning to get this help, but the task is so horrifically wasteful – a false economy – and disruptive of success because the bean-counters are still in opposition (Civil War). Stats R useful in their place as back-up and for accounting purposes, but they DESTROY when they try to takeover. The Civil War is better described as a relationship between host (designer’s company) and liver parasites – led by a miser, the bean-counters make the company weak whilst feeding. Macrocosm: Mother Earth + 1%.

My fight will be a part of my exhibition. – my life in process.


WORLD-SWIRL-2= world






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