Vivienne’s Diary – 15.09.20

A murderous system is being created before our very eyes

Interview with Nils Melzer, UN Special Rappateur on Torture, 2016. Available to the press but none of them ever mentioned it, they stuck to the scandal – shocking.

The woman’s testimony was later changed by the police, how exactly? (more…)

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Justice 4 Julian



TRUE PUNK – Vivienne’s Diary – 01.09.2020

Misrule of law is now global; all governments use it for their own protection. Continue reading


Vivienne’s Diary – 25.08.20 – updated

The problem is the world is riddled with corruption and disease; and the Democrats are as corrupt as the Republicans. Continue reading


Vivienne’s Diary – 18.08.20

  Back on Clapham Common, I’ve just realised that the … Continue reading

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The Big Picture Forum – We want more discussion – Updated

The case of Julian throws a light on govt. corruption worldwide + as such, it’s very important that I include Freedom 4 Assange as part of my campaign in exposing corruption + save the world. Continue reading

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Joe Corré on Sky News with Adam Boulton about Julian Assange

My Son, Joseph Corre – I’m astonished at how committed he is to Don’t Extradite Assange.
He’s such a legal expert. Vivienne Continue reading


EXCLUSIVE interview: Dame Vivienne Westwood & Joe Corré in defence of Julian Assange

Dame Vivienne Westwood & Joe Corré in defence of Julian … Continue reading

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True Punk

Vivienne Westwood’s True Punk exhibiton at the Serpentine Gallery for AW/2021 Continue reading


WikiLeaks marks 10th anniversary of the ‘Collateral Murder’ video

We’re condemned to use social media exclusively to communicate because we don’t have human contact anymore, use it to set Julian free. Continue reading

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