The Big Picture – 16.4.21




Save the World – The Big Picture #47



Vivienne’s Diary – 2.2.21

I promised IOU that every first Tuesday of the month will be dedicated to culture. Our Manifesto, NO MANS LAND is based on the playing cards. Hearts are for culture. This week is Paris couture. I begin with fashion. Continue reading


Save the World – The Big Picture #46

Roasted crab apples in the punch bowl!

Vivienne’s Diary – 26.1.21

Save the World / Change the World. Manifesto speaks 4 itself. The plan is clear. Continue reading


A Time of Trial – Craig Murray

Listen live to the court case. Continue reading


Save the World – The Big Picture #45

Vivienne’s Diary 19.1.21

I have been trying to update my Diamond Joker playing card, but I have so much information that I’ve only got halfway… Capitalism is as corrupt as a rotten apple. It’s the economy stupid! Continue reading


The Last Two Northern White Rhinos on Earth

The day Sudan died, everything felt both monumental and ordinary. It was a Monday. Gray sky, light rain. On the horizon, the sun was struggling to make itself seen over the sharp double peaks of Mount Kenya. Continue reading


Save the World – The Big Picture #44


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