On Friday April 21st, the Vivienne Westwood team attended Extinction Rebellion’s ‘The Big One’ protest in Parliament Square. Caroline Lucas from the Green Party gave a powerful speech mentioning ‘Rosebank’, a huge undeveloped oil and gas field in the North Sea –  #STOPCAMBO 



Análise das grandes personalidades do Portugal

Portugal tem uma cultura incrível que teve um impacto significativo … Continue reading

Nejlepší online Pokies v České republice

Casino Point CZ www.casinopointcz.com vám nabízí dokonalého průvodce nejlepším online … Continue reading


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Vivienne Westwood –

The Vivienne Foundation – 16.12.22

We’re working full time on our plan to save the world.  It’s important to let people know what’s happening.  We’re going to be talking about land, about the rainforest, about the oceans and how to achieve a new economy. Continue reading

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The Vivienne Foundation – 9.12.22

It’s as easy to save the World as it is to save Julian Assange.
Corruption is economic, political and legal – and the consequences are environmental. Continue reading

The Vivienne Foundation – 2.12.22

Dear Stella,
I was so happy that Julian contacted me from Belmarsh. He was cut off after 3 minutes. He sounded so well. Continue reading

The Vivienne Foundation – 25.11.22

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The Vivienne Foundation – 18.11.22

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