Five of Clubs




The Machine Stops

In The Machine Stops, E.M. Forster identified industrialism as our enemy. It operates by getting everybody to consume, ever more unto death; it takes away human purpose. Continue reading


INEOS: Nonsense Presented as Fact

Nonsense as fact as modus operandi: the use and abuse … Continue reading


Five of Hearts

Julian Assange – update

Julian Assange case – Key email evidence between the Crown … Continue reading

vivienne new york

Fact & Opinion – New York Notes

In the New York taxi, on the back of the … Continue reading


Two of Spades

The Free World economy is a green economy founded on … Continue reading


Jack of Diamonds


Fact & Opinion

The Free World economy is a green economy founded on the moral law that whatever nature gives us free can not be privately owned. Continue reading


Ace of Diamonds

Fact & Opinion – Bankruptcy now orbits the earth

My American friend says, how can you say the rotten … Continue reading

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