Today We Won in Lancashire

Today We Won in Lancashire.
Democracy is not dead after all! Politicians still listen to the people! Vested interests have been put to a halt! Rapacious Frackers and a corrupt government want to take our environment and wealth by force. But Lancashire County Council voted to reject Cuadrilla’s planning application. Cuadrilla is “surprised and disappointed”, surprised about what? …… that politicians did what they are supposed to do, to represent the wishes of the people?

The fight is not over yet!  We need to keep up the pressure!  The voice of the people will not rest until it has gained a hearing!


Vivienne’s Diary – May2015

Thu 30 Apr: To Ramsgate with my son Joe. Our friend Nigel Askew lives there. He’s popular here in his home town and he is standing for the Reality Party against Nigel Farage. Continue reading


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92 per cent

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Tuesday, 23 JUNE

On Tuesday 23rd June Vivienne will join the protest against an upcoming decision on 26th June by the Lancaster County Council on whether or not to approve two of the biggest fracking tests ever contemplated in the UK Continue reading

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