Vivienne’s Diary – 2.3.21

 It’s fashion month, I’ve just done an interview with Vogue where I describe the dress of the ‘barbarians’ ARROW-RIGHT Matthew Arnold’s term for the tribal hunting + fishing aristocrats. When I was a punk, I decided I was an anarchist. Young vs Old. The spiral run by the Devils who had created the Vietnam war. (more…)


Save the World – The Big Picture #50



Vivienne’s Diary – 23.2.21- Joker of Clubs Update

Today’s Diary is an update of Joker of War playing card Continue reading


Save the World – The Big Picture #49


Vivienne’s Diary – 16.2.21

Technology is killing Us : Stop War

Thank heavens for social media, get it on the radar + it’ll happen <-- people get back 2 me. Continue reading


Save the World – The Big Picture #48

Starving Children Don’t Cry – By Nicholas Kristof

Vivienne’s Diary – 9.2.2021

The New York Times on February 4th published a Map of our world in twenty years: flooding, heat stress, water stress, wildfires, hurricanes + typhoons, sea level rise. Continue reading


Save the World – The Big Picture #47



Vivienne’s Diary – 2.2.21

I promised IOU that every first Tuesday of the month will be dedicated to culture. Our Manifesto, NO MANS LAND is based on the playing cards. Hearts are for culture. This week is Paris couture. I begin with fashion. Continue reading


Save the World – The Big Picture #46

Roasted crab apples in the punch bowl!

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