The Great Forgetting by Chris Hedges – ESSENTIAL READING

Chris Hedges – Pulitzer-prize winning journalist & political activist, on the importance of intellectual and cultural heritage, the arts and humanities, self-reflection and the dangers of ignorance! – an accurate and well dissected account of today’s realities.Art Lovers Unite (more…)


Junior Doctors – Vivienne’s speech

Waterloo Place!12 TOMORROW! SATURDAY 6 FEB
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Everything is connected – SPANA

Treating the suffering of donkeys is not connected directly to climate change Continue reading

climate revolution plan

Exchange Business as Usual for Green Economy

Before the French Revolution in 1789 most people believed in monarchy and the divine right of kings. Continue reading

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Politicians R Criminals / COP 21 is a lie – … Continue reading


Vivienne’s Diary – October/November

October I want to bring the Diary up to date … Continue reading


Take the biggest step in the fight against climate change

Switch to Ecotricity.

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Vivienne Westwood & Joseph Corre Talk Fracking and UK Politics


“This is a big leap forward. We are all agreed business as usual! Hooray!”

In the new year we will reveal our plan to save the world despite opposition from business as usual. Continue reading

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