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Vivienne’s Diary – July

Tues 1 July:  Invitations to go out 4 nights in a row, unusual for me – as you know I like to stay at home except on special occasions when I go to the theatre or classical music concert. Tonight, Virgin Air launch of the uniforms we designed. We did enjoy doing this collection, not only uniforms for stewardesses but for all the different functions down to masseurs and waiters. The stewardesses really did look nice. Whoever did their hair, it was good, all caught up from the back and high on the head. I liked the steward’s uniform the texture and subtle colour-mix of threads in the fabrics.


Naomi Klein

8/10/14 at 7pm – Capitalism vs the Climate

COIN is honoured to host the launch of Naomi Klein’s new … Continue reading


SCOTLAND – 18/9/14

We really want to encourage Scotland to separate from Great … Continue reading


HELP! – Part 3

Everything the government tells us is part true or a … Continue reading


Vivienne’s Diary – June

Get a Life – I have been selecting extracts from … Continue reading

The Undocumented - Cool Earth

The undocumented

Guest blog by Cool Earth   In Peru, if you … Continue reading

methane gas marsh

HELP! – Part 2

Steve Lipsky, homeowner from Weatherford, Texas  shut off his well … Continue reading

Dead Dog

Help! – Part 1

1. High volume hydraulic fracturing (fracking) began 8 years ago … Continue reading

Vivienne BBC debate

Daily Politics – BBC

Vivienne debates this personal film on BBC Daily Politics, with Conservative MP … Continue reading

Cool Earth Football

Football and the Forest

  Summertime is in full swing and holidays are near, … Continue reading

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