Self-Portrait (c. 1567), Titian

Fact & Opinion – Supper at Emmaus by Titian

Please always check Fact and Opinion because it’s back-up for my Playing Cards. The hearts in the Playing Cards are all about culture; if we had culture instead of consumption we would not be in this mess.

Supper at Emmaus: I saw this for the first time at the RA King and Collector exhibition. I think it belongs to the Queen, and if you ever get the chance to see it, there is nothing more real than this painting. Jesus knows he’s the son of God, and Titian also believes it. (more…)


The Machine Stops

In The Machine Stops, E.M. Forster identified industrialism as our enemy. It operates by getting everybody to consume, ever more unto death; it takes away human purpose. Continue reading


Fact and Opinion

This month, I went to the Almeida theatre with my … Continue reading

He’s not the culprit, he’s the messenger!

Pamela Anderson gave a live interview on Good Morning Britain today (April 17). Continue reading

Fact and Opinion – Where is political opposition to UK misrule of law?

People often expose who they are by attributing their own faults to others. The MP who called Julian a worm is himself a coward. He obviously knows nothing about Julian. He just believes his party’s legal shenanigans and pops up with a bit of bravura aimed at Julians moral superiority to him and the tories. And what about the moral superiority of the UN who informed the government that Julian was a political prisioner and should have been released immediately with compensation.

Where is political opposition to UK misrule of law?

Where is that institution called Liberty that Shami Chakrabarti used to head, where is Corbyn?
Continue reading


Six of Hearts


Two of Diamonds


Our staff have been informed that we will not longer be using Amazon’s services Continue reading


Fact and Opinion

A book’s just come out, purposefully written, trying to activate … Continue reading


Ace of Diamonds


Five of Diamonds

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