HELP! – Part 2

three eyes keith haring

Steve Lipsky, homeowner from Weatherford, Texas  shut off his well when it stopped working because of a build up of methane gas. In 2011 the US. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determined that ‘Range Resources’ drilling activities at a nearby fracking project had contaminated Lipsky’s well. (more…)

Dead Dog

Help! – Part 1

Vivienne BBC debate

Daily Politics – BBC

Vivienne debates this personal film on BBC Daily Politics, with Conservative MP … Continue reading

Cool Earth Football

Football and the Forest

  Summertime is in full swing and holidays are near, … Continue reading

The Tiger

HISTORY OF BALLET – Context for the ballet star Rudolf Nureyev – Part 4

Dante Inferno

Everyone is drilling down to the inner circle of hell

George Monbiot’s recent article on the effects of compound growth … Continue reading

Ben Westwood

What happened to him is totally unfair

Leonard Peltier

26/6/14 – 39 Years of Injustice

  Greetings my Relatives, Friends and Supporters As I have … Continue reading

The Lorax

London debate revisited

Once again our audience was disappointed that Cameron’s pro-frackers refused … Continue reading

Moral Outrage



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