Economy after Brexit

house-XEconomy after Brexit
UK cut off from the world



Our responsible Prime Minister

Our responsible Prime Minister responsible for keeping Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy for years. Continue reading


Yesterday I spoke with my son Marvin by Teddy Kronthaler

I told Vivienne about a phone call with my son … Continue reading

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ANOHNI / Drone Bomb Me / London, Barbican, 9/7/16

Anohni – fka Antony Hegarty – performed songs on ecocide, … Continue reading


Lots of love to Chelsea from Vivienne Westwood

What is going on in that jail? What are they … Continue reading


Liberate Tate

Vivienne joined John Sauven – executive Director of Greenpeace – … Continue reading

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Japan has a problem

Read full article here


No more Slash-and-Burn-The Inga Foundation’s amazing work in the Rainforest

El Nino continues to assert itself upon the subsistence farming … Continue reading


Intellectuals Unite


Power and Resistance are interdependent

Financial capitalism, hyper-consumerism, social inequality, exploitation of natural resources, the … Continue reading

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