Everything’s connected

Everything’s connected

Boris is the only Tory with a personality, it’s a rotten personality. People love Boris for opening his mouth and putting his foot in it, he’s got away with this all his life. He’s so irresponsible and self-serving it’s corrupt. He’s very bright. So what we’ve got now is that the Press are going to treat him seriously as the representative of our democracy. They’re going to bolster him just as the American press bolster Trump by accepting it. This is the scum we’re left with. (more…)


Well done, Ireland : 1st to go fossil fuel free

Ireland may soon become the world’s first country to fully divest from all fossil fuels. Continue reading


Chelsea, Leonard and the Saint (Obama)

Chelsea is a war hero, imprisoned for revealing American war crimes. Continue reading


18 January 2017 – Vivienne’s letters

Dear Vivienne,
How fantastic about Miss Manning. Could not believe the news last night when I got the alert. For once there was really great news that proves activism works. Continue reading


Message from Vivienne!

In February, Climate Revolution will fuse with the Vivienne Westwood … Continue reading



“Let’s dance and sing and scream and shout,
Chelsea Manning is let out!” Continue reading


Vivienne and Dale discuss SWITCH with US rapper, Machine Gun Kelly

Behind-the-scenes footage from our Ecotricity fashion show last week as … Continue reading



You can help elderly, poor and disabled people suffering from … Continue reading


Never rely on others to teach you

  Vivienne Westwood, fashion designer and climate change campaigner: “Parents … Continue reading


Politically human life is a battle between good and evil. The good people want her out

If President Obama doesn’t commute her sentence, Chelsea Manning won’t … Continue reading

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