Dear Vivienne,

How fantastic about Miss Manning. Could not believe the news last night when I got the alert.  For once there was really great news that proves activism works.  In fact, I was thinking about Obama and then thought that along with this release, preventing the Dakota Pipeline for a while, the Keystone Pipeline and the millions of acres of land that he has put into federal trust to prevent drilling, that maybe he wasn’t too bad.  Granted there are still a lot of horrific things that happened under his administration that are very difficult to justify and to excuse, but at least he did something good too.

Maybe you’ll make a Manning The Truth is Free t-shirt to follow up on the Manning Truth shirt? I am very happy today about this and thank you for all you’ve done to bring attention to the public about this brave soul.

Love Feargus


Dear Feargus,

I’m delighted that Chelsea got out. She was imprisoned because she was convicted of war crimes, her release was nothing to do with that conviction. This happened in the Obama administration, it was an illegal act by government officials. She was let out because she’s an icon of the massive transgender movement. We tweeted: 

Let’s dance and sing and scream and shout
Chelsea Manning is let out!’ 

   Please note there was nothing to stop Obama releasing Leonard, but he hasn’t done so. Read this article by John Pilger concerning Obama’s crimes, hypocrisy and lies, and the adulation of his sycophants. 


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