On Friday April 21st, the Vivienne Westwood team attended Extinction Rebellion’s ‘The Big One’ protest in Parliament Square. Caroline Lucas from the Green Party gave a powerful speech mentioning ‘Rosebank’, a huge undeveloped oil and gas field in the North Sea –  #STOPCAMBO 



The Vivienne Foundation – 30.9.22

  INFLATION – I wrote this piece with my brother, … Continue reading

The Vivienne Foundation – 23.9.22

People who don’t like the Queen haven’t thought things through properly.  People think we live in a democracy – we do not – there is no opposition: Keir Starmer is the same as Liz Truss. Our representatives have no compassion and everything they do is bad for us and good for them. Continue reading

The Vivienne Foundation – 9.9.22


The Vivienne Foundation – 2.9.22

India in a Different Voice – NYT Becoming an overseas … Continue reading

The Vivienne Foundation – 26.8.22

The Vivienne Foundation – 19.8.22

We don’t have all the time in the world to start all over again, to build capitalism back better, we might already past the tipping point we don’t know.  “Build Back Better” is just another black hole <--> Give taxpayers money to investors. Continue reading

The Vivienne Foundation – 5.8.22

The Vivienne Foundation – 29.7.22

The Vivienne Foundation – 22.7.22

As you know I’m working on a new collection but I’ve decided to post it today because the text explains exactly where I’m up to with my campaign to fight climate change. Continue reading

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