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Save the World – The Big Picture #11

vivienne-11 (more…)

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My job as an activist is to demolish the narrative. I’m taking the opportunity of London Fashion Week to defend human rights and free speech. Misrule of law is now global; Continue reading

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Joseph Farrell Statement

‘Bravo Joseph, spot on, v powerful. Love to Julian. In … Continue reading


Free the Truth

Today 28 November there is an event at the St Pancras Church, London Continue reading

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In Defence of Julian Assange

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ASSANGE IN COURT by Craig Murray

I was deeply shaken while witnessing the events in Westminster Magistrates Court. Every decision was railroaded through over the scarcely heard arguments and objections of Assange’s legal team, by a magistrate who barely pretended to be listening. Continue reading


Dearest Julian – 11/10/2019


Dearest Julian – 23/9/2019


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Londoner’s Diary – Vivienne visits Assange

julian assange

Happy Birthday Julian

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