This important and precious website is an oasis of truth and clarity in the desert of lies and misinformation put out by politicians and their echo-chamber, the mainstream media.
Do read it to learn about and understand what’s going on. There are few really trustworthy places where you can do this and Craig’s analyses surgically cut through the BS.

Craig is the source of a lot of Vivienne’s info and he is a major defender of Julian Assange. He was one of the few who reported in full the travesty of Julian’s hearings in court.
He alone wrote in detail about the Defence’s demolition of the absurd charges against Julian and the unconcealed way in which the Americans are dictating the proceedings to our servile prosecutors.
You can read all of it in detail on the website.

Craig was a high-flying UK Ambassador who dared to blow the whistle on the Blair government’s operational use of information obtained under torture during the Iraq war. The Foreign Office tried to shut him up and smear him, but he fought back and won in court.
After that he was declared a pariah by the Establishment but established a brilliant new role as a dissident, truth-teller and widely read, influential blogger.

Alongside his committed crusade to free Julian, Craig is passionate about Scottish Independence. He believes that the SNP has been ‘captured’ by a small group of highly paid career politicians under Nichola Sturgeon, who have no serious intent to push for independence. They pretend they are serious but know that Boris Johnson’s Conservatives will never allow it to happen.
They are very cosy with the British Establishment who regard them as safe.

Alex Salmon on the other hand is viewed as a threat by the UK establishment and also by the SNP leadership. His anti-imperial, anti- scottish nuclear base stance and uncompromising belief that Scotland has a much brighter future leaving the Union is deeply unpopular in Westminster.
Craig has written that Alex Salmon was “ fitted up” by senior figures in the SNP who wanted to ensure that he could not return to Scottish politics. A group of women accused him of sexual misconduct, the most serious charge being attempted rape. As with Julian, the whole mainstream media fell upon Salmon in a feeding frenzy, splashing the lurid accusations across the front covers.
No-one except Craig covered the Defence which, amongst many other revelations, proved that the supposed rape victim was not even in Scotland when the rape was supposed to have happened! The jury, much to everyone’s surprise, was listening carefully to the evidence and not the tabloids, and acquitted Salmon on all counts.

The attempt to smear, try and imprison Alex Salmon failed, and twice he has won High Court cases against the Scottish Government. They – top officials, magistrates, and police – know that he intends to seek proper retribution and are now attempting to shut down his allies and existing information withheld in the trial. What Craig calls “ The greatest cover-up in modern Scottish history”.
Emails, documents and the Complainers’ WhatsApp group point to a conspiracy. Revealing this could bring down the SNP leadership, Magistrates and top police officers.

Craig has been leading the charge on this rotten state of affairs, whilst being super-scrupulous about NOT naming the ‘complainers’ (the women) in the case against Salmon, for fear of being open to a Contempt of Court charge. Other tabloids have left major clues, but , in spite of his caution, only Craig and a few other prominent Salmon supporters have indeed been charged on ludicrous trumped-up grounds.

There is no jury to appeal to in this type of trial and Craig could face up to 2 years in prison. The prosecution are at present thwarting all defence arguments against the laughable charges, as in Julian’s case. With only his loyal followers bearing witness, Craig stands alone before a vengeful Scottish Establishment out to punish him and others for exposing their corrupt practices.

His voice and personal freedom are much needed so we must support him now with contributions to his legal fund.

Paul Tucker

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  1. See

    for the story on the links between Trump’s principle financial supporter and the CIA and spanish company who spied on Julian Assange

    Comment by Paul Tucker on 29/09/2020 at 5:00 pm

  2. I want to thank my friend, Paul Tucker so much for contributing to the site because 7bn don’t know what’s going on in this world, and that’s what my CR site is all about.
    It’s about trying to change the narrative because if you change the narrative, governments listen to you and you change world politics. Only public opinion can save us from mass extinction. I think it’s really great supporting Craig Murray’s website, you must follow Craig Murray because he’s the only truthteller, mainstream media is only confusion and lies – the trick is what they don’t say.
    Particularly, Paul’s post refers to Alex Salmond: character assassination is embedded at home in Scottish politics, Alex Salmond was the victim of a rape charge invented by Nicola Sturgeon’s gang. It’s important that out of 7bn people the followers of our website know what the shit is happening. I want to build the narrative, you can help to build the narrative: contribute. I’m just reading something from Ian.
    Love Vivienne

    Comment by CR on 30/09/2020 at 12:29 pm