The Big Picture – 10.9.21


The Big Picture – 9.7.21

The Big Picture – 2.7.21

Nothing is normal. The @ is sick. People can’t help each other. We R a war economy. Capitalism is based on war and competition. Covid showed us that. We can’t function. Stop War. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Julian

The Big Picture – 25.6.21

The Big Picture – 18.6.21

The Big Picture – 11.6.21

Save China  Save the

Vivienne Westwood short film for CIRCA – Piccadilly Circus – 8th April 2021


Meet 3 Women Working on the Frontline of Ocean Conservation

Recognizing that the oceans are “the birthplace of all life on the planet,” and that the planet will die without them, Canadian environmentalist Paul Watson established in 1977 what is now the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Continue reading

The Big Picture – 4.6.21


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