Left-Over Marxists and the confusion about Capitalism

Most liberal intellectuals are decayed Marxists. They don’t like Marx but they accept his great division: he preached class warfare and divided the world between Oppressor and Oppressed/Bourgeois and Proletariat. He sliced through society, proletarian at the bottom; everyone above that was a bourgeois. The bourgeois was either a capitalist or his supporter. (more…)

Show The Love Poem


A Simple Love Poem #showthelove This year, world leaders could … Continue reading

freedom from torture


Freedom from Torture, formerly the Medical Foundation for the Care … Continue reading

Global Divestment Day

Global Divestment Day – London Action

Saturday, February 14, 12:30 PM City Hall London, United Kingdom … Continue reading

Cool Earth


The most dreaded of days is nearly upon us. Valentine’s … Continue reading

Climate Revolution Heroes

Heroes Fighting Capitalism to Save The World

Julian Assange, Prince Charles, Naomi Klein, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, George … Continue reading

no fracking

Monday 26 January 2015

When I arrive at the anti-fracking demonstration the press asked … Continue reading


Climate Change

Climate change is here, and as it worsens, it will … Continue reading


Don’t forget the animals powering the developing world

Guest blog by The Brooke It’s a time for New … Continue reading

Hero Prince Charles

Hero Prince Charles

We have adopted Prince Charles as patron of our collection … Continue reading

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