HELP! – Part 2

three eyes keith haring

Steve Lipsky, homeowner from Weatherford, Texas  shut off his well when it stopped working because of a build up of methane gas. In 2011 the US. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determined that ‘Range Resources’ drilling activities at a nearby fracking project had contaminated Lipsky’s well. (more…)


Small Global: Extreme Energy at Glastonbury with Greenpeace

By Natalie Sims and Helle Abelvik-Lawson As part of a broader … Continue reading

Andreas Kronthaler and Courtney Cox

Vivienne’s Diary – May

Thurs 1 May: The deadline for the first draft of my … Continue reading

No More Austerity


No more Austerity - demand the alternative: Saturday 21 June – … Continue reading


We need to talk about fracking – The tour begins

Like 74% of the British public, Climate Revolution is strongly … Continue reading

Prince Charles

2/9/14 – King Charles III

I went to see the play because I am a … Continue reading

Cool Earth 7th Birthday

Happy Birthday Cool Earth

Seven years ago Cool Earth was launched as a reaction … Continue reading

Rudolf Nureyev

Rudolf Nureyev – Part 3

Classical Ballet has been developed to allow the dancer a … Continue reading

The Snail 1953 Henri Matisse

17 Apr – 7 Sep – Tate Modern – Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs

Go! Amazing! Profound! You have to book or wait three … Continue reading

managing risk

Climate science: knowns, unknowns and attitudes to risk

Guest blog by Professor Richard Betts I have spent the last … Continue reading

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