Vivienne’s Diary 06.04.20


I have lived for nearly 50 years on the edge of Clapham common – common means that it’s land for use by the common people and its history goes back to the feudal system when it was much more wild and people grazed their animals there – shoot rabbits, pigs would eat acorns. Just to know , Soho was the hunting ground of Henry VIII, “soho” is the cry of the hunter. (more…)


Covid-19 recovery measures could also solve the climate emergency

Right now, saving lives is the global priority. But the climate and nature emergencies are still waiting. Solutions to the pandemic could also be solutions to the climate crisis. Continue reading

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Save the World – The Big Picture #1

The Vivienne Westwood Foundation Manifesto is up.
Continue reading


Assange Bail Application – Craig Murray

Assange Bail Application – Craig Murray   117 medical doctors, … Continue reading

PETITION – Release Julian Assange from Belmarsh Prison before COVID-19 spreads

  Please sign the petition and share it on your … Continue reading


Capitalism doesn’t work

Dr David L Katz wrote in The Times that “we have 3 goals right now: saving as many lives as we can, making sure that our medical system does not get overwhelmed – but also making sure that in the process of achieving the first 2 goals we don’t destroy our economy, and as a result of that even more lives Continue reading


Chelsea Manning

VW company is closed. We R in coronavirus lockdown, I … Continue reading


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Vivienne Westwood: ‘If Julian Assange Goes Down, It’s the End of Justice’

Vivienne Westwood among Julian Assange supporters rallying outside Woolwich Crown Court in London on Monday, February 24, as WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange is expected to attend his first extradition hearing. Continue reading

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February 22 – Australia House – London

Former Greek Finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, … Continue reading

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