Vivienne’s Diary – 2.3.21

 It’s fashion month, I’ve just done an interview with Vogue where I describe the dress of the ‘barbarians’ ARROW-RIGHT Matthew Arnold’s term for the tribal hunting + fishing aristocrats. When I was a punk, I decided I was an anarchist. Young vs Old. The spiral run by the Devils who had created the Vietnam war. (more…)

Vivienne’s Diary – 26.1.21

Save the World / Change the World. Manifesto speaks 4 itself. The plan is clear. Continue reading


A Time of Trial – Craig Murray

Listen live to the court case. Continue reading


Save the World – The Big Picture #45

Vivienne’s Diary 19.1.21

I have been trying to update my Diamond Joker playing card, but I have so much information that I’ve only got halfway… Capitalism is as corrupt as a rotten apple. It’s the economy stupid! Continue reading


The Last Two Northern White Rhinos on Earth

The day Sudan died, everything felt both monumental and ordinary. It was a Monday. Gray sky, light rain. On the horizon, the sun was struggling to make itself seen over the sharp double peaks of Mount Kenya. Continue reading


Save the World – The Big Picture #44



Vivienne’s Diary – 12.1.21

Today’s Diary is the Joker of War playing card. One reason I haven’t yet printed the pack is that I keep updating. It’s as difficult 2 save the world. Continue reading


Save the World – The Big Picture #43

Julian’s Life is in danger!


Vivienne’s Diary 5.1.21

Dear Lucy, (IOU Book Club) Happy New Year! Did U … Continue reading

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