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Junior Doctor Lauren Gavaghan contacted us last October regarding joining in with their opposition to a new contract being proposed for them by the Government.
Tory Health Minister Jeremy Hunt wants to reverse the gains made since the 1975 junior doctor’s strike by removing payment for working unsocial hours, re-classifying ‘social’ hours which are currently 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday, to 7am to 9pm Monday to Friday & from 7am to 5pm on Saturdays. (more…)


Vivienne’s Diary – October/November

October I want to bring the Diary up to date … Continue reading


Take the biggest step in the fight against climate change

Switch to Ecotricity.

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Vivienne Westwood & Joseph Corre Talk Fracking and UK Politics


“This is a big leap forward. We are all agreed business as usual! Hooray!”

In the new year we will reveal our plan to save the world despite opposition from business as usual. Continue reading


The Rotten Financial System


COP21 is a mirror of death the scientists and NGOs will now fight for our lives against the governments of the rich countries

After the negotiators’ self-congratulations about COP21, the UK seems pretty … Continue reading

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Be Specific!

The booklet – Maintaining the Life Support Systems For The Earth By Captain Paul Watson … Continue reading


Opposing the Japanese Pirate Whalers In the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary – By Captain Paul Watson

Japan has declared war on the whales in the Southern … Continue reading

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Trouble in Paradise

“Governments, we don’t accept that you’ve abdicated your responsibility to care for the people, and we demand that you take into consideration this crime” – Vivienne Westwood Continue reading

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