Everything’s connected

Everything’s connected Boris is the only Tory with a personality, … Continue reading

julian assange

Happy Birthday Julian


Vivienne’s playing cards in action

  I am Vivienne the angel of democracy, new spin … Continue reading

Don't Cry Pamela

Operation Rescue Assange

  – Pamela you are wonderful …. you got in … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Meat Free Monday #MFMCountMeIn

Happy Birthday Meat Free Monday #MFMCountMeIn     MEAT FREE … Continue reading

julian assange

Misrule of Law

The British Home Secretary is a criminal, by indulging misrule of law, he wants to extradite Julian. The charge is that it is a crime to publish American war crimes. This means he will automatically be given 175 years in jail. Continue reading

julian assange

The making of a “Rapist” by Pamela Anderson

  We’re going to ask some of our friends to … Continue reading

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John Pilger and Roger Waters on Assange

‘This is an assault on journalism, more than that it’s an assault on citizenship’ Continue reading


An excerpt from “They Thought They Were Free – The Germans, 1933-45” – Milton Maeyr

BUT THEN IT WAS TOO LATE Continue reading

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