Video Diary – 2 July 2015

Everybody build the campaign Politicians R Criminals!
I will be talking to you every week on what we’re up against and what we can do to win this fight.

Politicians are Criminals is a real challenge to the mainstream media.
Listen to my Anti Fracking interview on Sky News.



Tuesday, 23 JUNE

On Tuesday 23rd June Vivienne will join the protest against an upcoming decision on 26th June by the Lancaster County Council on whether or not to approve two of the biggest fracking tests ever contemplated in the UK Continue reading

graphic of a skull

Glyphosate in our cities!

Residents of The Nottingham Park Estate, a private housing estate of over 1500 homes in the centre of Nottingham, have been campaigning for several months to deter their Board of Directors from spraying the chemical glyphosate on their roads and green spaces Continue reading

politicians are criminals

Vivienne’s Diary – April 2015

Andreas is thinking of buying a little painting we both loved when we saw it. It’s late 18th century by the painter Tischbein the younger 1751-1829 Continue reading

Monday 15th June – Animals Should Be Off The Menu

“It’s good to try an act of self-discipline every now and again. You never know it might become a habit.” Continue reading

Refugee Council - Childrens section

Children’s Section, Refugee Council


Continue reading


ONCE UPON A TIME by Chiara Salomoni


Power To The People - TTIP

Are chlorine-washed chickens coming here to roost?

A spectre is haunting Europe, said Monica Di Sisto in … Continue reading

Boris Johnson - properties - London

The Housing Crisis – Politicians are criminals

Why does a flat in London cost x times a … Continue reading



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