The End of Capitalism and how it runs the world


Everyone is talking about the end of capitalism together with how we transfer to a post-carbon economy. The answer is simple: what’s good for the planet is good for people.
I wish to quickly explain how capitalism runs the world. Give you a perspective. If you hold onto this perspective then you can work everything out for yourself, even down to the detail. Know what you should do. Everything is connected.

I’ve written everything down because I want to get it right. One step at a time. (more…)


Vivienne Westwood on capitalism – Guardian Live

Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood on the end of capitalism; why … Continue reading


Our time is now!


The People’s Climate March in London – Video and Pictures

London joined cities such as New York, Rio de Janeiro, … Continue reading


11.30 – 11 OCT – Get the Frackers Local Bank!

  11th October - Time: 11:00 – 1:30 - Location: Golden Square, Soho, … Continue reading

school children

It’s Back to School in the rainforest – Cool Earth

The charity Cool Earth explains what schools have got to … Continue reading

Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee at the Wallace

17th century art has never really been a strong point … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Leonard Peltier

Happy 70th Birthday Leonard Peltier

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three eyes Keith Hering

HELP! – Part 4

DEMOCRACY!  They started to frack and the damage has begun. … Continue reading

Sunday Morning Live Vivienne Westwood fracking

Sunday Morning Live – BBC1

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