five of diamonds

Five of Diamonds


Fact and Opinion – Climate Change = Mass Extinction.

Climate Change = Mass Extinction.  We’re supposed to stop emissions … Continue reading


Dear Chiki – Part 2

Dear Chiki, Next step:  Get a couple of your friends, … Continue reading


NHS MARCH – SAT 3/02/2018

BANKRUPT   The world is bankrupt. The debt is more and … Continue reading


Clubs stand for War

Dear Chiki – Part 1

Dear Chiki, You have to self-educate and it’s not easy: … Continue reading

Fact and Opinion – What’s happening in China Pt.2

Is there a way to subvert or sabotage this cloning … Continue reading


Fact and Opinion – What’s happening in China Pt.1

What is happening in China – Social Credit Score – applies to all world citizens who possess a phone or computer, we just haven’t been given our numbers yet. Continue reading


Azzedine and Santina

Andreas and I saw Azzedine six months ago at an … Continue reading


INEOS: Nonsense Presented as Fact

Nonsense as fact as modus operandi: the use and abuse … Continue reading

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