Vivienne’s Diary – 24 July – 22 August

Thu 24 July: In summer each year we go to Andreas’ family in the Tyrol for our holiday. Munich is the nearest airport and we are staying here for two nights. We arrive mid-afternoon and in the evening we go to the opera to see “The Marriage of Figaro”.
I was pleased that the costumes were 18th century – a minimalist theatrical version. It’s safer to do it from the costumes of the time; you have to be clever to make modern dress work. The set was minimal – the stage was filled with a box of three white walls. They were super-white and lit with backlight. (more…)

Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee at the Wallace

17th century art has never really been a strong point … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Leonard Peltier

Happy 70th Birthday Leonard Peltier

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three eyes Keith Hering

HELP! – Part 4

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Sunday Morning Live Vivienne Westwood fracking

Sunday Morning Live – BBC1

Pooh Sticks

Pooh sticks, pauses and predictability

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animal contract

Terms and conditions

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Dear Matthew Hancock MP

Dear Matthew…


SCOTLAND – 18/9/14

We really want to encourage Scotland to separate from Great … Continue reading


HELP! – Part 3

Everything the government tells us is part true or a … Continue reading

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