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guest blog by Ben Westwood

Junior Doctor Lauren Gavaghan contacted us last October regarding joining in with their opposition to a new contract being proposed for them by the Government.
Tory Health Minister Jeremy Hunt wants to reverse the gains made since the 1975 junior doctor’s strike by removing payment for working unsocial hours, re-classifying ‘social’ hours which are currently 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday, to 7am to 9pm Monday to Friday & from 7am to 5pm on Saturdays. (more…)


Money and Wealth vs. Climate Change – A Synonym: The Koch Brothers

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Climate Rising – The Peoples Climate Talk

London, 30 January It really was “The March Through Paris” … Continue reading

Hannah Arendt

The Great Forgetting by Chris Hedges – ESSENTIAL READING

Chris Hedges – Pulitzer-prize winning journalist & political activist, on … Continue reading

climate revolution plan

Exchange Business as Usual for Green Economy

Before the French Revolution in 1789 most people believed in monarchy and the divine right of kings. Continue reading


Intellectuals Unite by Alice Pike

Guest blog by Alice Pike, London College of Fashion For me, … Continue reading


Junior Doctors – Vivienne’s speech

Junior doctors are the future
And you will win.
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Everything is connected – SPANA

Treating the suffering of donkeys is not connected directly to climate change Continue reading

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Politicians R Criminals / COP 21 is a lie – … Continue reading

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