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Governments are not listening to scientists. They tell us that once we pass the tipping point we will have runaway climate change, and the earth will migrate to a temperature of +5 degrees. At 5 degrees, we now refer to a map promulgated by Nasa – public information, if you draw a line level round the world at a point level with Paris, everything below that line is uninhabitable. That means that by the end of this century there’ll only be 1 billion people left. We don’t know if we’re passed the tipping point, all we know is we’re very close to it. It will all be very clear within the space of a generation. (more…)


Vivienne’s Diary – June-August-2016 – Part 2

Sun 7 – Mon 8 Aug –  Lake Attersee:  Our friend Georg, … Continue reading

Vivienne’s Diary – June-August-2016 – Part 1

Two-part extract from Vivienne’s new book of diaries, ‘Get a Life!’ due out in October! Continue reading


Vivienne’s Diary – March

I am putting up (going back to) my Diary for … Continue reading


Vivienne’s Diary – April

I have only just written up the March and April … Continue reading



Once again, I don’t feel I can spend too long bringing my Diary up to date – I shall be selective of the most important things. Continue reading


Vivienne’s Diary – October/November

October I want to bring the Diary up to date … Continue reading


Vivienne’s Diary – September

Maintaining the Life Support Systems For The Earth By Captain Paul Watson Sun 1 Nov: I … Continue reading


Vivienne’s Diary – August 2015

I have been reading Stoner by John Williams. The American … Continue reading

ttip fracking community human-rights

Vivienne Westwood Diary – July 2015

CONTRIBUTORIA – guest editor Vivienne Westwood   I’ve been reading … Continue reading

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