Vivienne’s Diary: February – March

I have been busy with fashion-that’s why this Diary is rather late – and it is just too much for me to tell of all the preparation of 2 collections and 2 shows, one after the other. I liked them a lot and I’ll tell you a bit about them later on.
While we were working away the main news topics in the wide world were 1.) flooding in England which everyone now accepts as a symptom of climate change and 2.) the crisis in the Ukraine.
According to present political policies there is only intermittent solution to conflict, no end to perpetual war. (more…)

Barton Moss

Vivienne’s Diary: January Part 2

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Bernardine Dohrn

Vivienne’s Diary: January – Part 1

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Vivienne’s Diary – December

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Pamela NY marathon

Vivienne’s Diary: October

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Arctic 30

VIDEO – Vivienne westwood and 30 acts of courage

Exclusive with I-D magazine. What’s your act of courage?

Titian Risen Christ

Vivienne’s Diary: September

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US stamp

Vivienne’s Diary: August

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Vivienne interview CBS

Vivienne Westwood on CBS News- Sunday Morning America which aired on Sunday 4th August


Vivienne’s Diary: 1 – 26 July

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