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Save the World – The Big Picture #22

Vivienne #22


Vivienne’s Diary – 11.08.20 – IL FATTO QUOTIDIANO Interview


Vivienne’s Diary – 4.08.20

A Dispatch Disaster in Six Acts – Christian Stöcker Continue reading

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The case of Julian throws a light on govt. corruption worldwide + as such, it’s very important that I include Freedom 4 Assange as part of my campaign in exposing corruption + save the world. Continue reading

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Vivienne’s Diary 21.07.20 – Canary in the cage

I am Julian Assange, I am the canary in the cage. If I die, down in the coal mine from poisonous gas, that’s the signal for ev. 2 get out. I am half poisoned already from gas ->legal corruption, gaming the system. No sun. I am whistling away but 7bn people don’t know what’s going on in the world. Continue reading

Vivienne’s Diary – 14.07.20

Evening walk, Clapham Common. Big clouds in the blue. We lay down on the grass, so special, English, Gainsborough clouds catching all colours, sun low. No phone / No photo. Continue reading

Vivienne’s Diary – 7.07.20

This is the 16th speech I’ve given during lockdown, until now I’ve been taking one step at a time 2 explain the need for No Man’s Land . The plan being 2 make sure the NGO’s + U the public understand it’s the only way out Continue reading

Chinua Achebe

Vivienne’s Diary – 30.06.20

Dear members of the IoU bookclub,

U R activists + readers. Chinua Achebe’s books are as powerful + original now as when they were first written. We’re looking back through the prism of what’s going on today. Continue reading

Cynthia King

Vivienne’s Diary – 23.06.20

Dear John, Dear Matthew,

Cynthia + I began Climate Revolution in 2011 with the aim of connecting all the NGO’s. The first thing to do slant arrow Save the Rainforest. Cynthia connected us to the charity Cool Earth + Greenpeace – we formed a great + lasting friendship. Continue reading

I joined the online forum

Vivienne’s Diary – 16.06.20

  I joined the online forum, I have hope.

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