Video Diary – 30 July 2015

politicians r criminals

Video Diary – 23 July 2015


Video Diary – 16 July 2015

  The world is being killed in secret

Video Diary – 09 JULY 2015

Today I tell you about  how Criminal Politicians are aiming for … Continue reading

Video Diary – 2 July 2015

Everybody build the campaign Politicians R Criminals!
I will be talking to you every week on what we’re up against and what we can do to win this fight. Continue reading


Vivienne’s Diary – May2015

Thu 30 Apr: To Ramsgate with my son Joe. Our friend Nigel Askew lives there. He’s popular here in his home town and he is standing for the Reality Party against Nigel Farage. Continue reading

politicians are criminals

Vivienne’s Diary – April 2015

Andreas is thinking of buying a little painting we both loved when we saw it. It’s late 18th century by the painter Tischbein the younger 1751-1829 Continue reading


Vivienne’s Diary – March 2015

Now that we understand that Monopoly Capitalism is the cause … Continue reading


Vivienne’s Diary – February

Thu 12 Feb: The first special event in February was a concert … Continue reading

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