spiral Must Have a Stop

I want to discuss spiral 3 richest men: Bezos, Gates, Musk.

Jeff Bezos has plans 2 build space capsules, so that people can escape Earth. I imagine they are capsules in which the human race can stay permanently alive. People can live a normal life, fuck + have children. ARROW-RIGHT He wants to preserve humanity. Well, he’ll be dead by 2050, there isn’t time. He’s crazy, he was so addicted 2 Star Trek that it infected his brain. Why not spend the rest of your life adjusting 2 reality, why not try 2 save this planet?

Bill Gates has a plan 2 save spiral by 2050. He understands the problem of tipping point:
Imagine a bath tub, you left the tap on, the water rises gradually until it suddenly goes over the rim. The water fills your house + eventually all spiral water is gone.
Problem: the tipping point is now. He imagines he’s got all the time 2 save spiral by 2050. Moreover he is brainwashed by capitalism ARROW-RIGHT  ROT-APPLE is the cause of climate change (cc). He thinks  ROT-APPLE will save us e.g. he thinks we will save spiral by producing more + more electric cars. We must cut down car production.  spiral Must Have a Stop, we must cut down car production.
Elon Musk! How about if U stopped producing electric cars 4 now, + just perfected the idea of electric cars, or even thought-controlled cars for the future. This idea is so radical it would help us shocck people 2 cut use of all cars ARROW-RIGHT even including chinese. Then yr wealth could support furlough 4 people who work in the arms industry. This is what we need to process our Manifesto. Stop War is the spearhead. We are working with CAAT to stop arms trade + production. STOP WAR.
CAAT tell’s us that people who work in mass production of weapons would also be good 2 work in mass production 4 green jobs. But, spiral Must Have a Stop. Mass production must now be converted 2 smaller, cleaner production.  Govt should pay 4 furlough. But their only means would be 2 print money + add 2 the debt pool.

UK govt, supplies half arms 2 Saudi Arabia 4 war in Yemen. Remember little Abdul.


So what we’re doing here is leapfrogging, we R saying these 3 technocrats should take care of spiral economy. By donating their wealth to bring pollution 2 a stop this also begins the purpose of No Man’s Land MONSTRANCE. It will impose a fair distribution of wealth because there won’t be any tax 2 avoid, these 3 technocrats will voluntarily be paying their stolen taxes.  Also, we will be in a position 2 form Autonomous Bureau of Assessment ABA working with Climate Revolution + NGOs: we are already working with CAAT.


Don’t tell me China will then be the only ones producing electric cars. It depends on US if we R 2 stop this desperate competition, the cause of cc and debts. ROT-APPLE must go.


What am I saying? We need a voluntary change of heart from Free Riders FR’s + 4 the fabulous people from the NGOs 2 setup ABA so we can get govt 2 work together,  2 stop industrial fishing + put pressure on Bolsanaro.

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  1. These billionaires have no idea how to save the world. They only care about profit! I heard yesterday that America is still the number one arms exporter in the world, and nothing will change, it will only get worse. They have several deals in progress right now! Thanks, Vivienne, for bringing all of this to light and working towards a solution.


    Comment by Jeffrey Jordan on 16/03/2021 at 3:00 pm

  2. After reading this was in a moment of utter shock, vivem is trying to create awareness and bring a change using this platform to do this is the best she is doing can not praise her enough for these efforts.
    Much love❤

    Comment by Aanchal Mahur on 22/03/2021 at 6:18 pm

  3. Vivi, you were so ahead of your time. Blessed and grateful to have met you…Rest In Peace..Diva…NAMASTE

    Comment by Gigi Goyette on 31/12/2022 at 2:55 am