David Attenborough, most famous + trusted man in spiral coughed up his heart + put it on the table. We R at tipping point ARROW-RIGHT we R 1 degree 2 hot, we cannot go beyond. Scientists have been telling us this for ages, but he had the power 2 let the canary out of the cage.

The official govt figure is a lie: 1.5 degrees; meanwhile every pundit is talking about how spiral will be back 2 normal by 2030, running smoothly again by 2050. Or, “my son will be living in spiral 4 degrees hotter”. No! Nothing can live in that. The clock is ticking.

Attenborough pleaded “U have the technology” SLANT-ARROW But we don’t ARROW-RIGHT we don’t have time 2 develop it + we don’t have time 2 invent it.

I read NYT International ARROW-RIGHT Opinion: we R so clever we can solve ev. problem, we invented a vaccine 4 Covid + we will be back to normal in a few yrs. SLANT-ARROW I read Bill Gates own review of his new book, his manifesto of How To Save spiral. He proposes solar, wind ARROW-RIGHT yes, this is underway; + electric cars: No! Limited use of cars is the aim. He proposes 3 more: steel, cement, shipping. All R unworkable for the same reason, businessmen won’t accept 2 pay 4 cleaner technology because it costs up 2 6X more than dirty e.g shipping: crude thick sludge 4 clean oil. He admits this but asks them all 2 work together 2 achieve it. He is aiming 4 2050. The spiral would then be 3 degrees hotter. In UK that would mean temps high as 45C. Once yr temp goes into 41C U go into a coma and yr body shuts down. Death is quick. It is imposible to give a big picture because ev is happening all at once. There wont be an economy: Earth is releasing its buried carbon in the form of CO2;  rf’s gone, permafrost melting ARROW-RIGHT methane, ocean rising; there wont be bread  because the fields R 2 hot to grow corn.

Gates is a philanthropist + some of his charities R good. He is concerned 2 bring light 2 poor people. The trouble is he is a Zealot of  ROT-APPLE  ARROW-RIGHT  free rider (FR). He thinks ev. should aspire 2 live like an American. His manifesto is rubbish because he is the problem. “The end is nigh!”


David Attenbourough: The most important speech spiral has ever known. Headlines 4 1 day + then, is that it? I have seen nothing in print media (I don’t have a mobile phone or personal computer). It’s what press don’t say!  Yesterday’s news. Attenborough gave me the power 2 make my speech by quoting him ARROW-RIGHT 1 degree is tipping point. That little bird is flying around! We have 2 fight military industrial complex. Car production and weapons R biggest polluters. Stop War and you will halt cc.

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  1. Bill Gates is a idiot! He tries to play it both ways. None of the Billionaires have a solution to the problems we face. The military industrial complex is the enemy!


    Comment by Jeffrey Jordan on 09/03/2021 at 2:43 am

  2. I have been sharing your Climate Change nightclub The Box w/ Maitreya dressed as an Indian Guru with 000’s of People! Love & Light!

    Comment by Chris Grgurovic-Vandenberg on 10/03/2021 at 1:06 pm