WAR GOD ARROW-RIGHT EARTH MOTHER.  Wspiralrld Must Have a Stop DOUBLE-ARROW  Stop cc,  Stop Cra$h.

7 bn dont know our economy is a suicide economy.  Financial Cra$h is happening now ARROW-RIGHT taking ev with it, the climate + the biosphere.  The final breakdown will happen within the next 5 DOUBLE-ARROW 10 years.  Then it will be 2 late ARROW-RIGHT no bread ARROW-RIGHT 1 billion people left by 2100.

People can’t get their heads round capitalism ROT-APPLE. In the 50’s they didn’t need 2  because  ev. believed in progress, growth + that the future was going 2 get more and more wonderful.   We were millenarians (when we reach the millennium we will be in paradise).

Had they tried 2 get their heads round ROT-APPLEARROW-RIGHT tax the poor + give it 2 the rich (trickle-down theory), then our future would be very different. ROT-APPLE leads to cc + economic Cra$h.

Things R coming 2 a head, the whole spiral is collapsing ARROW-RIGHT now we can see it, cc + Cra$h  ARROW-RIGHT poverty, starvation, migration: no $, no food.  ARROW-RIGHT Racism, human rights, X-gender rights, women’s rights, patriarchy, female purists;  fundamentalism: religious, nationalist + autocratic. DOUBLE-ARROW US, Russia, China, countries of Europe, ARROW-RIGHT whole spiral.

Meanwhile, govts R printing $ + giving it 2 industrial dinosaurs ARROW-RIGHT ‘Temperature Rising!’  (In UK Priti Patel will ban peaceful protest adding 2 the mayhem.  Govts want mayhem [crime of maiming a person so as to render him partly or wholly defenceless (f.old french mahaym MAIM)], they want U 2 fight the police 4 yr personal rights, draw yr fire, distract U from the 1st underlying cause of all abuse which is the War God that we serve.  During the industrial revolution war became industrialized; our weapons R mass produced.  We call our economy the military industrial complex.   40 % of US budget goes 2 defence.  This statistic is easy to get yr head round: tax payers subsidises spiral economy based on war. War is not a necessity nor conducive 2 our well being;  our economy is used against us, against our best interest.  All industrial production is run on fossil fuels.  Arms production is cause of colossal waste of Earth resources + sold at a fraction of true cost DOUBLE-ARROW subsidised by the taxpayer + by rape of Earth.  ‘Sow the whirlwind reap the whirlwind‘.


It blows up people + wrecks ev. ARROW-RIGHT cities, culture, environment.

There R 2 arguments 4 war: 1) it is global, if we don’t sell arms, s’one else will.  Ans = we have 2 start s’where, U in yr country, I in mine (Boris is a Devil); 2) it creates jobs. Ans = it is cheaper 2 pay people not 2 work.

War + car production is the biggest polluter in spiral.  What can U do in yr country 2 halt cc?  Consume only what U need.  Don’t feed the spiral monster market.  ‘Do not buy a car. Do not buy a bomb’.  (Do without a car will change yr way of life ARROW-RIGHT We need 2).
Car production is a major polluter.  Capitalists R telling U 2 buy  an electric car 2 save environment. They think we R lemmings. Let’s be clear, U + I can’t stop war just like that but we can stop arms production + halt cc + financial Cra$h.  War production is the biggest polluter, but car production is as bad; so, if U do not buy a car U also halt cc.  Put a spanner in the monster machine.

Read the manifesto.  Follow me on climate revolution we R working with CAAT.
















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  1. I wish I could get rid of my car, but I would be stranded out in the country without it! Our public transportation is very limited in the US. I do try to drive as little as possible and combine trips, and I promise I won’t buy a bomb!


    Comment by Jeffrey Jordan on 30/03/2021 at 3:13 pm