On Friday April 21st, the Vivienne Westwood team attended Extinction Rebellion’s ‘The Big One’ protest in Parliament Square. Caroline Lucas from the Green Party gave a powerful speech mentioning ‘Rosebank’, a huge undeveloped oil and gas field in the North Sea –  #STOPCAMBO 



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The Vivienne Foundation – 9.12.22

It’s as easy to save the World as it is to save Julian Assange.
Corruption is economic, political and legal – and the consequences are environmental. Continue reading

The Vivienne Foundation – 2.12.22

Dear Stella,
I was so happy that Julian contacted me from Belmarsh. He was cut off after 3 minutes. He sounded so well. Continue reading

The Vivienne Foundation – 11.11.22

This is our speech for COP27 The only sure way … Continue reading

The Vivienne Foundation – 4.11.22

“The protest” has been designed to cause no harm – … Continue reading

The Vivienne Foundation – 28.10.22

Dear lovely boy,
I guess you’re not very old, you sound like a young person, thank you for writing to me. I feel like you do – I even fell ill when I realised the devastation caused by Putin in Ukraine. Continue reading

The Vivienne Foundation – 21.10.22

The Vivienne Foundation – 14.10.22

It’s as easy to save as it is to save … Continue reading

The Vivienne Foundation – 6.10.22

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