Fracking HSBC march
Global Frackdown map

11th October – Time: 11:00 – 1:30 – Location: Golden Square, Soho, London W1R 3AD

 Global Frackdown is coming! On 11th October communities around the world will be standing together against fracking. From Australia to the United States, this environmentally destructive industry leaves a legacy of water contamination, air pollution and health problems.  It’s also a dirty fossil fuel and won’t help us tackle the climate crisis. 

But fracking wouldn’t be possible without the money and support of the banks. HSBC – the frackers local bank – not only provides banking services for Cuadrilla, but funds fracking around the world. In Algeria, they are helping bring this water intensive process to the Sahara.  In the US, they are underwriting the BG Group who are responsible for fracking in large parts of the country. 

If we are serious about investing in a safe future, we can not have fracking.  On 11th October, in solidarity with fracking struggles around the world, we’re going to bring the reality home to the “world’s local bank”.  We’re turning HSBC into a fracking site to see how they like it! 

Bring your hard hats, fracked water, drilling rig and anything that will help transform a central London HSBC into a live fracking site.

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