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  1. Hi Vivienne

    Will your superb cards be printed? They would make a perfect education gift for those I Know x

    Comment by Dominic Hourd on 03/10/2020 at 4:57 pm

  2. The effects of climate change are taking hold of the environment, and something must be done!

    …That something relates to a new form of currency usage: to combat climate change.

    As can be seen from the America – China debacle on trade, what can be observed is something very interesting. The background is this;

    America sought to put a 10% additional import duty on goods imported from China, and in reply China devalued its currency by 10% to combat the USA price increase on their goods.

    They did It with a practice of pegging the value of its currency to a fixed level. This stabilises the stage for world trade, controlling the price of its goods for export.

    It rules out the effect of the 10% Import Duty placed on Chinese Imports by President Trump. However countries outside America which have no 10% duty get a discount on the cost of Chinese goods.

    This in turn increases trade with China from outside the US, an increase in demand, increase in manufacturing and in turn an increase in emissions caused by manufacturing.

    Before all this happened in the world, in 2020 I figured out that pegging a currency to a fixed exchange rate and the ability lower and raise the fixed rate to which it shall be fixed can and does have a correlation with emissions from the furtherance of world trade.

    As can be seen from Covid-19, when we go on global lockdown and the manufacturing in China ceases, the skies of Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong remarkably become clear free from all the pollution from urban power consumption, manufacturing and traffic.

    So China has devalued its currency, and ignored the effects of its trading on the Climate. It has taken a route which must be contrasted from:

    The correct move for the world ecosystem is to increase the value of the Chinese RMB to drive their trade down. That in turn would, reduce emissions caused by manufacturing for global trade. Yes, it is a reduction in trade for them, but the upside is that we get to live in a world which is not being completely ruined by Climate Change.

    The theory hereinstated is simple. Increase the value of the RMB so that Chinese goods are more expensive, world trade is slowed down, and thus the pollution caused by world trade shall be reduced and climate targets met. To do this, use the currency market to fix the value of the RMB and increase the price of Chinese exports and reduce demand and thus emissions from Chinese manufacturing.

    There is a thorn in ones side about this theory, and that is currencies are always valued in pairs, so increasing value of the RMB devalues the other currency. This makes their goods cheaper to the foreign purchaser, and inxreases the amount produced, resulting in pollution from manufacturing increasing in the country (i.e. America) which the RMB is paired with.

    This is where the problem lies: devaluing on currency increases the value of another, and in terms of trade, it controls the demand for exports and emissions from related manufacturing activities by shifting it from one trading country to another, making this theory in need of drastic development into one which has more control over global trade.

    What we require is a financial system which controls currency values with a view to reduce needless consumerism from East to West, having and also globally, with a view to making exported goods a little less within the grasp of the world trade system, and thus reduce toxic gasses caused by the global trade system.

    Trumps position of increasing trade tariffs were for the wrong reason. He thought he should increase the trade tariff to reduce their imports and increase their domestic consumption for the economic good of the American people. However the correct approach by America would have been to make a strategic decision to revolutionise the function of the currency market, which has the ability to alter supply and demand for imported and exported goods by making them cheaper or more expensive.

    For it is a chain reaction of events which results in all these emissions, and it is intricately linked to our economic system, which greatly requires reform to make a sustainable world.

    The correct approach was to place tariffs on imports and exports, encouraging the purchase of items necessary for a reasonable human existence with lesser price increases, and increasing the price of high carbon footprint products which are not deemed necessary for reasonable human existence. An attempt to streamline our consumerist habits into a system which consumes what is absolutely necessary. This reduces emissions due to reduced world trade, this can be achieved through;

    1. Develop a more managed currency system, in which currencies can be fixed in order to control each economy’s output, with the overall effect of reducing unnecessary world trade.
    2. Use the Import tariff systems of every country to reduce consumption of unnecessary products which have a high carbon footprint.

    As can be confirmed from observing the global ecosystems reaction to reduced global trade, which is a good reduction of harmful emissions in major manufacturing nations and a hope that we can reduce Climate Change enough to avoid catastrophe.

    Comment by jude G on 03/10/2020 at 11:51 pm

  3. I Love Trump…He’s what America has always been.
    He’s a compulsive liar…America has always been a liar!
    He doesn’t give a shit…America has never given a shit.
    “Make America Great”‘ is an honest sentiment. It means Fuck anyone else!…
    ..(but, you ‘little people’, are always going to stay little…You don’t matter.)
    It makes me feel sick when the USA mentions Democracy.
    You’ve killed it everywhere you have been able to since WW2.
    (Saving your ‘Economic’ position…which ‘
    serves’ a few)
    Complete fascism (WW2 a complete waste of life)…KKK
    You killed & stole your ‘land’ from the Indians.
    You thought it was a good idea to treat black people like shit.
    You have NO heathcare, No voters rights & Your constitution means shit.
    You have all your black people in prison making crap for your Industrial Military Complex.
    (Please don’t mention “the war on drugs”…You people sell guns like drugs)
    …& I know, I know. Yes, Britain taught you it all.
    (you’re not even original).X

    Comment by Anonymous on 09/10/2020 at 3:12 am