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The Free World economy is a green economy founded on the moral law that whatever nature gives us free can not be privately owned.

  • Nature’s gift comprises Land, Air, and Underground of Planet Earth – To be held in democratic trust by the whole human race with regard to wellbeing and maintenance of the planet and its life forms.
  • Private enterprise regarding the rent of nature’s gift for profit, will be contracted between the government office and the leaseholder, rent to be paid into the public purse.
  • We shall begin incrementally with e.g. land tax, followed by tax on private ownership of air waves and a moratorium on new mines and drilling.
  • Present short-term wealth is based on debt and will be replaced by the sustainable wealth of the Free World economy.
  • The result will be Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

Liberty = control over your own life (no income tax)

Equality = equal opportunity / fair distribution of wealth

Fraternity = access to land, community and culture (instead of every man for h’self

and consumption)







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