Civilisation began in Sumeria 6,000 years ago, fertile land X  between the Tigress and the Euphrates. We called this X Mesopotamia – meso ‘between’, potamos ‘river’ (Hippopotamus: ‘hippo’ horse, ‘potamos’ river.) It’s Ur in the bible, then Babylon, then Iraq. Civilisation began Kings, conquests, slaves end Empire. The word civilisation means art of living in cities. Empire results in a capital city Hub of Rule + admin.  Outside the city is X where ev. grows, surrounded by ocean where life began, most of our oxygen. Civilisation is a question of people who rule + people who work. Chess those who count + those who R dispensable 10bn pawns. The chess board is X. Land belongs 2 No 1. After 6,000 years the new economy is NO MANS LAND X.

PS. so  important to look up the root in the dictionary ‘savage’ means lives in forest.  Fr. sauvage. Lat. silva, wood. (Name Silvia from the wood). I say this we think we R more civilized then the savage and we R not.  Nb. ‘dispensable’ Dis (pendere-pens Lat. to suspend) . The ‘pawns’ R await, a problem don’t count  get rid of them cannon fodder let them feed us.

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  1. Thanks Vivienne! I am still sharing your messages with friends here in America.


    Comment by Jeffrey Jordan on 19/02/2021 at 3:16 pm