Change steel production from coke to hydrogen the process would cause ARROW-RIGHT massive major pollution ARROW-RIGHT Shut down the furnace!  World spiral must have a stop. Capitalism ROT-APPLE doesn’t work.


Industrial Revolution was a death sentence.  We could return to a more craft-based industry, making beautiful things SLANT-ARROW We’re not robots.  The spiral has forgotten more than it knows.  We have evidence to support that people can make technical use of earths energy and the spaces between e.g., Bruce Lee, pyramids, people who fire-walk. [Joker of Spades  ‘The Morning of the Magicians’]


The 3 dickheads see no evil, hear no evil but speak evil because they speak ROT-APPLE
capitalism which is the Satanic Evil

Get a Life!   Don’t buy a car means don’t buy anything U don’t need.  Don’t buy light pollution (Musk) ARROW-RIGHT  Don’t buy a spaceship (Bezos, Branson)  ARROW-RIGHT Don’t buy chalk to throw in the sky science says it will kill us (Gates ARROW-RIGHT good man but a dickhead by default) ARROW-RIGHT Don’t buy a cat, it eats 200 songbirds a year, try a bell it doesn’t work (fake news) ARROW-RIGHT Don’t buy orange juice, eat an orange (not in a plastic net) ARROW-RIGHT Don’t get cremated, it causes pollution ARROW-RIGHT Don’t buy the latest gadget, stick with what you’ve got ARROW-RIGHT Engage with spiral & eschew polluting industry ARROW-RIGHT  Don’t use too much Sellotape ARROW-RIGHT Don’t use your gadget to read Alice in Wonderland ARROW-RIGHT Take a breath: spiral  must have a stop ARROW-RIGHT Stop War.


Held illegally for 10 years without trial Julian Assange
is still in jail for publishing 
the Collateral Murder video. 

DIARY   Stop climate change cc

Don’t buy a car is a call to young people.  Try to choose a life that doesn’t need a car.  Young mother riding a bike with 2 kids in a box on front ARROW-RIGHT send them to the local school (builds community & gives you more quality time instead of crawling through traffic).  Children are a big responsibility.  Think 2050 no bread.  For older people, use your car less, if possible and not in rush hour.  (Don’t buy an electric car they also pollute)  ARROW-LEFT only if you absolutely have to buy a new one.   ROT-APPLE is a war economy.
Scientists say that trying to change polluting industry to zero carbon is impossible and the attempt would kill us.  This is exactly what we are saying, the industrial process of producing all those cars so people can swap their old cars for new technology would cause so much pollution that it would tip us into $ and climate Cra$h.


ROT-APPLE cannot solve the problem of pollution because it is the cause.  Biden: spend money you don’t have, to build infrastructure for future efficiency  is the worst thing he could do: more pollution more debt.  Growth is the Joker, it doesn’t exist, it’s just a game of roulette for investors, somebody always goes bust.  Like passing the parcel, the music stops.  The last rich man will die in a bunker.



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  1. Wow–great Big Picture and Diary this week Vivienne! There is so much going on in the world right now, and most of it isn’t good. Musk, Besos, and Gates are all rich idiots, and I always think of you when I read about their latest ventures in the news. Musk just sent up another ship into space, and I groaned when I heard about it. Biden and his people have no idea what they are doing either. All they want to do is spend more and more money to put the US further into debt that we can never repay. Switching to all electric cars is not the answer. I just try to drive less. As for the economy, people now love cryptocurrency, which is just fake money. They are scared of real money, so they trade in fake money instead. How about spending less and not worshipping money?

    Thanks again for your words of wisdom Vivienne. They are reassuring to me and help me keep things in perspective!


    Comment by Jeffrey Jordan on 23/04/2021 at 2:09 pm

  2. Dear Jeffrey, thanks so much for you support and your comments, your are my barometer, I know I’m getting through to people. Only I have the solution to save the world. Love Vivienne

    Comment by CR on 27/04/2021 at 5:02 pm

  3. I absolutely love this post! It’s very digestible/comprehensible also for “7 billion people who don’t know” – only if this would reach them:)) Thank you for explaining!

    Comment by Julie on 28/04/2021 at 5:23 pm

  4. Dear Julie, thank you so much for your caring and sharing comment. If I had the answer then we would stop war and governments would be changing to No Mans Land which brings fair distribution of wealth. Thank God for social media, it’s an avenue to contact people to read and share the diary. Our message must grow exponentially, it is already working because our agenda is so clear, people are starting to come to me with opportunities for publicity and awards for activism, Climate Revolution is linked with the NGO’s. Speak with one voice. Love Vivienne

    Comment by Vivienne on 29/04/2021 at 12:54 pm