Julian Assange has not been charged with the crime of publishing American war crimes because that is not a crime. Instead the Crown Prosecution Service CROWN has charged him with ev. kind of fake shit because they R holding him for America. Julian Assange Defence, defended every charge successfully, but CROWN dismissed the Defence & invented a different charge [ILLEGAL] CROWN has agreed to extradite him but has not yet invented a reason. This is why Stinking Judge Vanessa Baraitser HOOD delayed the verdict TICK-BOX she needs to find a reason.
Julian Assange is a political prisoner. CROWN has contrived 2 hold him illegally 4 10 yrs: in the last year he has been held in Belmarsh top security prison [ILLEGAL] in solitary [ILLEGAL] with malicious intent 2 harm: no books, typewriter keys glued down, no contact except a rare 10 minute phone call. He is denied contact with his lawyers and cannot prepare his defence because his legal files were stolen by CIA & given 2 the Americans.
He is therefore (10 yrs!) serving a sentence 4 which he has not been charged (the fake charges have been disproved). He is a victim of torture ARROW-RIGHT already half dead, terminal illness.
The future CROWN will maintain extradition ARROW-RIGHT many stages re: appeal = held in solitary limbo until death. They really don’t care, it doesn’t matter which one. This is part of the plot. Or ARROW-RIGHT in the case of extradition, in solitary in America. Full stop ARROW-LEFT “Catch 22”.
SLANT-ARROW Or ARROW-RIGHT If we triumph with our manifesto MONSTRANCE we will free him. It is as easy to change ROT-APPLE as it is 2 free Assange.

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  1. Terrible! American should pardon Assange. I will hope for a miracle.
    I am ashamed of my country and sick of all of the corruption in our government! Keep up the fight Vivienne!


    Comment by Jeffrey Jordan on 18/12/2020 at 1:52 pm

  2. Sarah did a fantastic job and looks fabulous!


    Comment by Jeffrey Jordan on 18/12/2020 at 3:08 pm