Have you noticed?  I am building an art exhibition. ARROW-RIGHT First exhibit: playing cards, not yet ready to print because I keep changing them.  They are a strategy to save spiral from climate & financial Cra$h & I am developing & perfecting my strategy as I go along, ARROW-RIGHT presenting the cards on prayer flags. I have used these as content & décor in fashion shoots & our last catwalk show before covid; also on clothes.  I am a fashion designer & activist & I will present my fashion as art.

I did this in a one day exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery.  The focus was on Assange. It is as difficult to save spiral from Cra$h as it is to save Julian Assange from his torture trap, which still continues in Belmarsh jail in solitary.  The central piece, the ‘Scaffold’ is now on display in our Conduit Street shop & the guillotine in the window will be activated on Tuesday 11th at 4pm and thereafter on every first Tues of the month which is when I used to visit him in the London embassy of Ecuador.

During covid I made sculptures out of the skins of fruit + veg for a project using collage called ‘No More Oranges 2050’.  These collages are now the weekly menu of The Big Picture.  By the time I present my exhibition, you will have seen it all online.

Biden has just committed $7bn to rebuilding America: ARROW-RIGHT Getting back to normal: money they don’t have i.e. debt. Even if they spend it on green jobs it will all be about profit for investors & competition: meaning people cut corners causing corruption & waste.

Biden’s a nice man but he’s brainwashed, he believes in ROT-APPLEARROW-RIGHT growth, arms production + the need for US hegemony: US to produce better + more arms than all  put together. Competition: the arms race. America is the land of opportunity + the gun.


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  1. I love your new artwork Vivienne and am excited about the upcoming exhibit! Your message is clear, and the use of orange peels is very creative. Yes, the economy here in America is still a war economy, and we are currently selling arms to many countries. The spending is out of control, and the debt is rising. There seems to be no end to it! I like your idea of shutting down the factories and converting the facilities. It seems like a dream, but the world could be so much better! We have to have hope. Thanks again for your message Vivienne. Until next time…


    Comment by Jeffrey Jordan on 07/05/2021 at 4:09 pm