Thanks to Vivienne’s generosity, so far this year at Farms not Factories……

  • We have helped local residents successfully oppose plans to build a 25,000 pig factory in Derbyshire. To quote one of the local activists, “The commitment, passion and energy shown by the members of Tracy Worcester’s team, coupled with her natural drive and charisma attached rocket boosters to our small community campaign and provided it with traction and focus. As a result it’s gone into orbit, achieving national media coverage and greatly increased support”.
  • We have built both a national and social media campaign, highlighting the cruelty, pollution and antibiotic overuse in animal factories to show people that they can help bring an end to this dangerous and inhumane system by simply buying their pork with high welfare labels like RSPCA Assured, Free Range and Organic. To find UK farms, shops, restaurants and markets that supply high welfare pork, we have developed an interactive food directory on our Farms not Factories website.

Moral Outrage

What does the future bring?

Our new project, Love Pigs focuses on changing parents’ shopping habits by showing just how much children love pigs. To do this, we’re asking passionate parents and children to submit their home videos, drawings or photos explaining why they love pigs and asking Mums to only buy pork from happy farms.
We’ll use these images to make a short film to encourage people to only buy meat from real farms or go meat-free.

We are co-producing a commercial with Quiet Storm, a creative agency and film production company headed by Trevor Robinson OBE. For no cost, they are making a short viral video showing the expressions of famous faces (so far including, Dominic West, Miranda Richardson and Jon Snow) reacting and commenting on horrendous factory farm footage.

Again for free, Clive Arrowsmith has photographed Vivienne and other celebrities holding a small pig. These assets will be used in a social and print media campaign coordinated by media consultants Agency Eleven for release at the end of October. Through Facebook and Twitter, we are building a loud social media presence.

On the back of the massive wave of social media which will be generated by the Quiet Storm famous face video, we will send out a series of short ‘vox pops’ videos we have made over the last year. We filmed the reaction of ordinary people to the true cost of cheap pork.

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