COP21 in Paris, France marks a deciding moment in history. Here, we can achieve an extraordinary accomplishment: Get World Leaders to commit to an ambitious, fair, and binding Climate Agreement: An Agreement that can secure a sustainable future for us all. 

According to MP and political leader of The Alternative, Uffe Elbæk from Denmark: “This is why we – a coalition of almost 20 different Parties from 15 European countries – have collaborated around this green climate manifesto; A Moonshot for Europe’.” More than 15 parties have already co-signed The Green Manifesto and more are following, including the Greens in UK.

We hope that the more than 4 million European citizens, that have placed their trust and vote with us, will be able to recognize themselves in the paragraphs and ambitious goals outlined in the green climate manifesto. With this manifesto we are joining ranks with our voters, climate scientists from around the world and a broad array of NGOs and companies that are mobilizing to create a critical mass strong enough to pressure the leaders of the world into creating the ambitious agreement the world so urgently needs.

In order to strengthen its impact, we have invited all the progressive, green parties in Europe to join the manifesto. Our movement is growing. We are now a gathering of 20 political parties with many different analysis, and suggestions to solutions for global challenges. Shared, however, is the wish for an agreement which is socially and globally just, and which can turn the tides of climate change now. Shared is the hope that the world is ready for an ambitious agreement at COP21 – and shared is the will to provide pressure so that such an agreement will be achieved. We cannot wait any longer. There is no reason to wait. We must succeed in Paris, and solve the most significant global challenge of our time: Climate change.

For our own sake, and for the sake of future generations – irrespective of the results of COP21 – we will maintain the political ambition to create a sustainable society.

Vivienne Westwood Uffe Elbaek

Uffe Elbæk and Vivienne Westwood

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  1. Great to see a different political agenda!

    Comment by Lars on 26/11/2015 at 7:19 am