Junior doctors are the future
And you will win.
You are fighting to protect the National Health Service, the NHS.
Protect it from Government cuts
We need more doctors, not less doctors.
Doctors who get enough sleep so that they can give their best care to patients.
I am here because specifically I support doctors.
I am here because in general I am against austerity.
I am against the government and its whole Rotten Financial System.
The Rotten Financial System is designed to create poverty whilst syphoning all profit to few rich.
Actually this profit then ends up in the Bank.
Total Rubbish! Utter Stupidity! More than this it kills. Statistically it means – Only 1 billion people left by the end of this century.
We need a Green Economy.
Green Economy is not just clean energy.
It is more doctors/more carers/more teachers;
fair pay and human values.
Culture not consumption.

what's good for the planet is good for the economyWhats good for people is good for the planet

We could have a beautiful world.
People are not stupid. They support you.
The press do not reflect public opinion.
At the moment they support the politicians.
Demonstrate – and by this build public opinion.
Determination – when the press realize you will win they will start to move your way.
Demonstrate. Keep on going. You are the future.


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