I saw his film and read his article.

Official, organised lying from the mainstream media is a net or web wrapped around the whole world; real information and opinion based on real facts has trouble getting through – Information dominance (jargon from media manipulation) means lies stay at the top and true facts are buried. John Pilger is a world renowned war correspondent and investigative journalist who succeeds in getting through.

John is my age, I have followed him since the seventies and I understand politics because of him.

As to what could happen next, his focus is crucial, he comes up with the complete picture which sheds light on the whole world scenario.

Yet I’m always knocked back by John’s analysis for the same reason: the scale of opposition we face. [The problem: the need to achieve a green and fair economy starting withswitch

to green energy and secured by land tax]: knocked back by the scale of the inhumanity of those who manufacture war (antipeople).

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